introduces the first start-to-finish guide for trainers to be successful in the personal training world! This course will address the complete business of training by five of the world's leading personal training business minds: Kevin Laferriere, Robert Cappuccio, Annette Lang, Craig Harper and Richard Boyd.

Comprised of eight CD-ROMs with a 50 question online exam, this CEC-accredited course covers everything from surviving the first 90 days in a club to what qualities make a truly great all around trainer! With over 50 topics embracing the full spectrum of personal training, this course is guaranteed to provide fitness professionals from all walks of the fitness arena with the essential knowledge they need to make personal training a successful career. Learn the REAL tools of the trade from industry experts who are committed to your success!

Provider Details: CEC Provider Since: 2003

Areas of Coverage: Fitness Business

Provider Website:

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