NFPT Interim Proctor Eligibility Criteria and Process

Thank you for participating in the administration of the NFPT Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) or Specialty Course Examination(s). NFPT offers over 350 computer-based exam locations in the U.S. and abroad where the NFPT – CPT can be taken, but for some NFPT test candidates these locations may be too great a distance or create too great an inconvenience.

For this reason, NFPT will allow its test candidates to make an appointment with an interim proctor who must be a certified school teacher, degreed education professional, and/or appropriate exam administrator as recognized directly under NFPT’s authority. If you are prepared to administer the NFPT – CPT or Specialty Exam(s) and can provide documentation of your qualification to participate in this process, please follow these steps:

1 – Review NFPT’s Proctor Training Manual. This manual provides all policies and procedures for test environment, test handling, incident reporting, test security, etc.

2 – Set an appointment with NFPT test candidate and at least 15 business days prior to an exam date, fax the following documentation to NFPT at 765-471-7369 or email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Paper / Pencil Proctor Information Document – This is found inside the Proctor Training Manual; it provides NFPT with a proctor’s contact, reference, test candidate, and test date information.

Non-Disclosure Document – NFPT takes test security and delivery very seriously and must protect itself and its affiliates from all threats or actual breaches thereof. This document provides legally binding assurance to NFPT that these secure test materials will be handled professionally and with great caution and attention to such things as confirmation of receipt of exam, handling of the exam before, during, and after administration, and prompt return delivery of exam material.

Qualification Documents – NFPT requires one or more documents to establish and verify the proctor’s qualification as an NFPT test administrator. An example of this type of document would include a teaching license/credential or employment verification letter from an educational center supervisor.

3 – NFPT, upon receipt and approval of all proctor documentation, will order exam(s) timed to arrive directly to you within 3-5 days before the exam appointment. NFPT orders all CPT examinations through its test processing center, Schroeder Measurement Technologies (SMT). SMT will deliver NFPT – CPT exam material via Federal Express. All NFPT Specialty Course Exams (Nutrition, Weight/Resistance Training, and Endurance) will be delivered by NFPT directly.

4 – You will receive email verification of NFPT’s receipt and approval of all documentation; this will provide confirmation of your test order. NFPT will provide general, but very important, instructions for successful test administration.

We understand that administering NFPT examinations takes the dedication of a proctor willing to follow specific protocol for the benefit of an NFPT test candidate who may be ready to seek employment in this field. On behalf of NFPT and our test candidate(s), we thank you for your effort and support. Please contact us with any questions.