Have You Been Thinking About a Career As a Personal Trainer?


It’s Great That You’re Thinking About It, But There Are A Few Things That You Should Be Made Aware Of – Things like:

  • Employment Opportunities

  • Long Term Career Goals

  • Financial Obligations

  • Time Commitments

A lot of personal training companies won’t give you the full story on what it really means to dedicate yourself to health and wellness because they just want you to jump on board! So let us be the first to fill you in on the big picture and help you make an educated decision when choosing the personal trainer career path.

What Do I Need to know?

Get The Facts

We’ve put together a comprehensive whitepaper as a trainer start-up guide with tips from successful career trainers.

From your expected diet changes to your sleep schedule, we’ve put it all in one easy to read whitepaper.  This is a super helpful guide in making your next big career choice.

Specifically you’ll learn:

  • Your Expected Daily Routine

  • Your Career Options – Both Short Term and Long Term

  • Your Potential Income Over the Lifetime of Your Career

  • Self-Employment versus Outside-Employment

  • Lifestyle Changes and Time Commitments