NFPT Test Site Locations

The NFPT personal trainer exam is done by appointment at any of our 400+ computer based testing sites. When you’re ready, simply log in to your NFPT account and scheduled the appointment.

Certification exam results are provided immediately at the test site. Your certificate and membership card arrive by mail within about 7-10 days after you pass the exam.

Type in the name of your city, state/region or zip/postal code in the search field below to find the closest sites to your search. If we don’t have a test site close enough to you, we’ll help you set up an approved proctor (i.e. a school teacher, administrator, club employer, etc) to administer your exam.


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      NOTE: For security purposes, physical addresses for NFPT test site locations cannot be made publicly available with this search. When you enroll to the certification course, you will be provided the exact physical location of the site near you. Generally, these computer sites are located at community colleges, administrative offices or fitness and wellness facilities. Questions? Call 800-729-6378. Thank you.