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Military & Civil Servant Promotions


NFPT offers discounts to our men and women in military, fire, police and rescue service – we salute you! Thank you for committing yourself to the service of others in the work that you do everyday. Becoming a personal fitness trainer is a natural transition from the fitness lifestyle that you are already living. We hope that this 15% discount will help put your fitness experience to work – choose your certification package and be on your way to getting certified today!

Military Discount

G.I. Bill Approved

NFPT is G.I. Bill approved for active or veteran military members (follow the instructions below to initiate that process); but, whether you are eligible for this or not, we give all Military, Fire, Police and EMT/Paramedics the same discount on both the Standard and Premier certification packages!

Get Reimbursed for the NFPT – CPT exam sitting fee! Here’s how:

Get your certification by passing the NFPT CPT exam.

  1. Download and Complete VA Form 22-1990 or complete online: this form will get you into the military admin system as eligible and approved for benefits (for both active duty and veteran)
  2. Download and Complete VA Form 22-0803 after you have successfully completed the CPT exam. You will submit this directly to Veterans Affairs upon receipt of your CPT credential. This will start the process for the reimbursement of the NFPT – CPT test fee. NOTE:Be sure to request reimbursement for the NFPT Certified Personal Fitness Trainer CERTIFICATION Test. If you fill out these forms for reimbursement for a “License”, “School”, or “College”, you will experience approval delays.

For more information on G.I. Bill reimbursement and other FAQ, visit the V.A. website.

For a quick search of the NFPT WEAMS listing. Go to the WEAMS License/Certification Search: (L&C Name = “NFPT”, Choose “Certification” in the drop down menu for “LAC Category Type”)

Health Club & Staff Members


As a health club staff member NFPT offers you a 10% discount on the Standard or Premier CPT package. This rate is given to health club staff because we recognize that you’re already a part the fitness industry – the NFPT CPT credential will be the extra boost your resume needs – choose your certification package and get started today! All we need is some basic information about the facility that you work in, and we can qualify you for this discounted staff member rate. GET CERTIFIED!

Staff Discount


We want to help you get started on your dream career without a large upfront investment. NFPT’s Standard and Premier Certification packages have an option to finance. You’ll put a small amount down and pay the balance in any amount that you want for up to one year.

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Happy Birthday To Us!

Birthday. Anniversary. Whatever we’re calling it, it’s a celebration! We certified our first personal trainer in February of 1988, 30 years ago! We’ve been doing this a long time, and though some things have changed (like new research, education and course enlargements, technology and the like), there are some things that have always stayed the same (like the human body, and the human bodies that are behind our organization). We’re a family owned and operated organization with roots, history and actual real-world experience in personal training. And today, we celebrate our history and our future – let’s celebrate it together!

Through February, use code HAPPYBDAY for a 30% discount on the Standard or Premier Certification Packages. 30 for 30!

*this discount cannot be used in conjunction with other promotional codes. But hey, it’s 30 for 30, had a nice ring to it, right?! There’s no discounts better than this one!