New Fitness Goals for the New Year

The opportunity for advancing the fitness journeys of personal training clients is front and center this time of year. Here are several ways to jumpstart the new year with new goals for further results. Vary [...]

3 Keys to Increase Online Reach and Presence

Creating products (giveaways), getting your message out to the world with publishing, and selling your program through webinars will help you attract new clients and grow your online business. Eric Su, NFPT certified personal trainer [...]

What To Do if a Client Crosses a Line

Developing close, personal relationships with clients can cause problems and awkward situations that you didn't anticipate even though getting personal is essential to your role as a trainer. There is a subtlety in striking the balance between establishing [...]

HIIT Workout Plan for Personal Trainers

It’s ironic that High-Intensity Interval Training has the acronym H.I.I.T because it’s exactly how you feel afterward. It is a challenging style of class to teach and fuel your students want to keep going. [...]

Understanding and Training External and Internal Obliques

The oblique abdominal muscles have an interesting relationship with one another. Most people know that doing diagonal or crossover crunches exercise the obliques. Exploring the obliques beyond basic location and mainstream function helps you avoid injuries [...]

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