Where Did SuperTracker Go?

As of June 30, 2018, SuperTracker fulfilled its mission. According to the USDA, “the private sector has launched many great tools that have a shared mission. It was time for us to discontinue SuperTracker in [...]

Starting a Corporate Wellness Business

Corporate wellness offers enormous opportunities for fitness professionals. And the opportunities are not boilerplate. Each business has a different culture with diverse employees - each of whom has distinct needs and faces unique challenges. This [...]

Maury Washington – Personal Trainer Spotlight

Maury is an ex-professional athlete who enjoys the opportunity to work in the fitness field for a little more than a decade as a certified PT. "Fitness is my passion, my vision drives me to [...]

Can I Get a Personal Trainer Certification Online?

Some certification exams can be completed entirely online and you can print your certificate at home. These types of certifications are not accredited, they do not adhere to regulatory industry standards for best practice, and [...]

What is Wellness?

Generically, wellness is considered a dynamic process which “emphasizes self-healing, the promotion of health, and the prevention of illnesses rather than solely the treatment of symptoms of a disease” (Edlin & Galanty, 2016). However, the [...]

Fitness Benefits of Boxing

Boxing is an excellent way to burn calories, get in shape and have fun. Boxing trains both the brain and body, while enhancing the connection between the two. The sport of boxing has attracted a [...]

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