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About: Erin Nitschke

Dr. Erin Nitschke, NSCA-CPT, ACE Health Coach & Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and Pn1 is a health and human performance college educator, fitness blogger, mother, and passionate fitness professional. She has over 14 years of experience in the fitness industry and college instruction. Erin believes in the power of a holistic approach to healthy living. Living an active and balanced lifestyle is not defined or limited by physical stamina, muscle size, or outward appearance; it means finding an equilibrium between all dimensions of wellness. She is personally and professionally dedicated to teaching students and clients how to achieve such balance through learning and focused skill development. It’s not simply about “hitting the gym”; it’s about discovering inner strength, harnessing personal potential, and exercising the courage to pursue a meaningful goal. Erin is also a regular columnist for The Sheridan Press, LiveWell and ACE. Visit her personal blog at

Recent Posts by Erin Nitschke

Postpartum Fitness Goals – Guiding New Moms Toward Success

Although postpartum moms are generally cleared for activity after six weeks (longer for cesarean sections), the body has only begun to heal itself and work towards regaining its capacity and […]

5 Ways to Enhance Rapport with Your Fitness Clients

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Helping Female Clients Develop a Positive Body Image  

The majority of our clients come to us because they want to improve some physical characteristics they deem “imperfect” or “unacceptable”. A large part of our job is to help […]

Simple Steps to a Personal Training Business Plan and Pitch

Having a pitch and plan are essential for your business the same way diet and exercise are keys to a healthy lifestyle. Writing a fitness business plan and developing a pitch does […]

How to Identify Personal Training Goals with Clients

Goal setting is a powerful tool, if it is applied and executed appropriately. To assist your clients in the goal setting process you must be adept at applying it to […]

Proper Form for Plank Exercise: Planking with Purpose

Exercise Name & Target Muscle Group Trunk stabilization, commonly referred to as “the plank”, is an exercise designed to target the abdominals. However, because this exercise requires stabilizing efforts from […]

Fitness Product Reviews – 6 Steps to Evaluating Quality

How do you evaluate the quality of fitness products and equipment? That’s a loaded question. And the answer is equally as loaded. When it comes to evaluating the quality, efficacy, […]

Splitting the Difference – One Way to Program for Endurance and Muscle Growth

One way to program for endurance and muscle growth is by splitting the difference. There are thousands of ways to structure an exercise program and all require consideration of each […]