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Help Your Clients See Progress Off the Scale

Shifting your clients focus from weight to health can be challenging, but is possible. I know this to be true from my own exhausting and truly unhealthy process of working […]

Prepare Clients for Weight Loss Success With 5 Dietary Tips

Misconceptions about how to lose weight are in no short supply. Heighten your success with clients by preventing them from falling victim to the hype that clever advertisers put on labels […]

Preventing Bad Posture and Training Healthy Backs

As trainers, it’s common to have clients complaining of chronic back pain. We can’t treat pain, but we can help improve posture, which is a likely culprit. Clients with back pain may […]

When Personal Trainers Recommend Supplements

To have a fit lifestyle, healthy eating and exercise aren’t always enough. Sometimes nutritional supplements fill in the gaps and make a big difference for people! Calcium supports bone health, protein enhances […]

Can You Reach Fitness Goals With a Clean Kitchen?

We’ve all heard about clean eating. Taking this one step further, is the state of your client’s kitchen jeopardizing their workout routine? Your clients are putting in the hard work at […]

Keep Your Clients Fit When the Winter Blues Hit

Keeping your appointment book full through the end of winter benefits you and your clients. The snow is still falling and so is your client’s enthusiasm to keep up with […]

Toning the Abs By Reducing Belly Bloat

As a personal trainer, you probably get more requests for a flat stomach than you do for a healthy G.I. tract. It turns out that the two are intertwined. Afterall, […]

How to Help Clients with Seasonal Affective Disorder

For many people, the shortened days, changing landscape, and dreary weather make things unbearable, leading to depression, social withdrawal, changes in appetite and sleep, and even substance abuse. Seasonal Affective Disorder, […]

Proper Exercise Form Doesn’t Always Protect Your Job

Protecting your clients is your job. Even when you’re doing your best, blame can be placed unfairly. The most common type of lawsuit a trainer will face is failure to […]

6 Easy Ways to Make Client Workouts More Fun

You love working out—that’s why you’re a personal trainer. Your clients, however, likely feel differently. Get them excited about their next workout with these simple ideas. You’ll have fun hitting […]