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Look Back to Move Forward and Succeed as a Personal Trainer

I wanted to go from crawling to walking overnight during my first year as a personal trainer. What I mean by this is that I felt I needed to know […]

10 Exercises to Get Fit While Traveling

Traveling induces the temptation to kick back and forget all about your fitness routine in even the most dedicated of us. Though it may be easier for you to keep […]

What Every Fitness Professional Needs to Know About Addiction

As personal trainers, we have a unique opportunity to work behind the scenes of the worst drug epidemic in our country’s history. You can positively impact individuals in recovery by teaching […]

Using Client Competitions and Incentives for Personal Training

Competition. It’s not just something for professional athletes and fitness models. If you’ve ever had your client’s make goals, do a timed workout, exercise in group settings, you may begin […]

Protect Your Business with Personal Trainer Legal Forms

Legal forms can easily distance you and your personal training businesses from potential liability. Forms like releases and waivers are contracts that contain exculpatory clauses or provisions that essentially state that […]

Help Your Personal Training Clients Eat Like a Dietician

What do Registered Dietician Nutritionists (RDN) choose for their own daily eats and cheats? Find out and get suggestions for pre/post workout meals, thoughts on cleanses and simple tips to share with […]

Developing Positive Body Image: Using Psychology in the Gym

One challenge you can expect to face in your career as a personal trainer will be the disparity between clients who feel very confident in their own skin and clients […]

Prepare Clients for Weight Loss Success With 5 Dietary Tips

Misconceptions about how to lose weight are in no short supply. Heighten your success with clients by preventing them from falling victim to the hype that clever advertisers put on labels […]

Preventing Bad Posture and Training Healthy Backs

As trainers, it’s common to have clients complaining of chronic back pain. We can’t treat pain, but we can help improve posture, which is a likely culprit. Clients with back pain may […]

When Personal Trainers Recommend Supplements

To have a fit lifestyle, healthy eating and exercise aren’t always enough. Sometimes nutritional supplements fill in the gaps and make a big difference for people! Calcium supports bone health, protein enhances […]