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About: Theresa Perales

Theresa Perales has an MA in Spanish, and is an ESL teacher at San Diego State University (SDSU). After years of struggling with her weight, she decided to give exercise a try. A passion for health and fitness grew instantly and inspired her to become certified as a personal trainer with NFPT, and as a group fitness instructor with AFAA Group Fitness and Madd Dog Athletics® Spinning. Theresa believes that nutrition and fitness are not about aesthetics but ultimately about feeling healthy and empowered.

Recent Posts by Theresa Perales

Quick HIIT Workout Using AMRAP Protocols

The traditional HIIT protocol of work, rest, repeat may feel redundant if the workouts your clients are doing lack variety in their movements, load, or even work-to-rest ratios. As discussed […]

Three Ways to Do Lunges Using Suspension Straps

Suspension straps are a great way to modify lunges to make them easier or more difficult. A win-win for fitness programming!  I started using these more in my sessions after […]

Advanced Suspension Strap Lunges – From Regression to Progression

What Can I Do Instead of Lunges? A few months ago several clients were experiencing some physical discomfort doing lunges and expressed their desire to do something altogether different. Naturally, […]

Intermediate Suspension Strap Lunges

What can you do to up the ante once clients have become comfortable with their beginner suspension strap lunge? Of course, you could simply remove the straps and have clients […]

Suspension Strap Lunges for Beginners

Suspension straps provide a great modification to lunges for the beginner or someone rehabbing. Even though lunges are a tried and true exercise for personal trainers and fitness fanatics, not […]

30 Minute HIIT Workout Using Tabata Protocol

Lately, many clients, and heck, even myself, have found our busy schedules are interfering with our longer workouts, so we’ve been exploring more HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) protocols in […]

Should Your Clients Jump on a Bike?

If the person next to you was jumping on a bike, would you? Even if jumps are contraindicated? But, what if they are actually beneficial? If your clients ride bikes […]

Modifying Lunges – What 50 Personal Trainers Had To Say

What’s your go-to lunge modification exercise? And what about an alternative to your modification in case it’s not ideal for the person either? As a fitness instructor, “Do you have […]

4 Contraindicated Cycling Exercises with Modifications

Are your clients partying on the pedals without your watchful eye to keep them safe? Indoor cycling companies are all the rage right now. And what’s not to like? Amazing group energy. […]

5 Partner Exercises to do with a Medicine Ball and Balance Trainer

Tag! You’re it! In the spirit of the ultimate day of partnership, we’re looking at funs ways to keep partners engaged with a medicine ball and a bosu ball. All of […]