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Category Archives: 2017 June Self Test

Does Training Together Benefit a Relationship?

Ever thought to invite cupid to the gym? After all, love is in the air, Valentine hearts seem to be dominating every retailer’s shelves, and of course, the price of […]

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Seeing Red: Advocating For Women’s Heart Health

As we are all aware, healthy lives do not begin and end with fitness alone. Lifestyle, dietary habits, genetics and stressful work environments also figure into the equation. Our clients […]

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Helping Clients Overcome The Dialysis Drain

Receiving a diagnosis of acute renal failure, or end-stage kidney disease is a frightening experience. Unlike many cancers, which respond well to radiation treatments and chemotherapy, the only real cure […]

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How to Teach Clients to Read a Food Label

The food label, or Nutrition Facts Panel (as it’s formally called) is a type of blueprint or map. The purpose of the nutrition facts panel is to provide the consumer […]

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SDT: Start Dedicated Training with Self-Determination Theory

This is the time of year for change. Whether it is changing weather patterns, changing wardrobes, or the simple act of hanging a brand-new calendar on the side of the […]

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Kids On The Move…And Into The Gym

Not too long ago, a team of scientists from the University of North Texas presented some fascinating data at the American Psychological Association’s 122nd Annual Convention. Through their research, they […]

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Baby Onboard: Modifying Exercises For Effective Prenatal Workouts

Over the last 5 decades, theories on pregnancy and activity have come a long way. When our moms were expecting, the prevailing notion was to stay off of one’s feet and get as much rest as possible. Today’s women are remaining much more active further into their pregnancies than ever before. Still, there always remains a lingering thought as to just how safe this practice might be for the developing fetus.

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Athletes and Eating Disorders – Where To Draw The Line

When clients come to us with a high level of motivation already in place, our jobs become much easier. Having passed right over the Pre-contemplative and Contemplative stages of readiness, […]

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