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Category Archives: 2018 June Self Test

Does Exercise Improve Sleep Apnea?

We all know that exercise, sleep, and health are interconnected. Exercise can certainly improve sleep apnea, but to what extent and under what circumstances? Knowing about the sleep habits and […]

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What is a Ketogenic Diet?

Atkins Diet, South Beach, the Whole 30, Paleo and now Keto? What’s this all about? What does it mean and how can you educate your clients about the potential benefits […]

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Understanding the Tibialis Posterior Muscle

When a client asks you, “What do you think about arch supports?” You can respond by educating them and connecting them to the tibialis posterior muscle. The tibialis posterior covers […]

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The Effects of Alcohol on Exercise and Performance

Is it ethical to recommend alcohol to our clients? An important aspect of professional personal training includes reminding clients of how important clean eating and appropriate hydration are in achieving […]

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