Get More Clients – Three Week Challenge



Ready for more business? This three-week Get More Clients Challenge is designed to bring you more clients. And it works! NFPT trainers have reported results (more clients) as proof.

You can start and finish the challenge anytime you want. Simply mark the dates accordingly in your calendar starting on a Monday.

Visit the NFPT FB Page and Community Group to report your progress and share with others. 

Here is what’s on the menu:

Day 1 (Monday 9/10)Write down the names of 5 people you admire and want to know better. These people could be online, local or long distance.

Keep this list somewhere you can find it. You will use it next week.

Day 2 (Tuesday 9/11)Call a client who you aren’t seeing anymore to check in. If you don’t have one, call someone you know who likes to exercise, and catch up with them. Find out what they are doing to eat healthy and stay in shape these days. You don’t have to hard sell or have an agenda, just a quick call to say hello will show that you cared enough to take the time. Beside, the purpose here isn’t to try and win them back (but that would be a bonus), it’s to collect information that can help your efforts moving forward.

Tapping into what’s happening in people’s lives who aren’t on your schedule provides you insight for targeting people like them in your marketing efforts. You can find out what the roadblocks are, what they do to stay in shape, etc.

Day 3 (Wednesday 9/12)Search a social media site for 5 people who are like-minded and send a friend request. Find friends on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, wherever you like, or want, to spend your time online.

After you send the request, also send a private message introducing yourself and why you want to connect. It helps you stand out. Putting yourself out there is a strategy for success when looking to expand your business horizons. Surrounding yourself with others on the same mission as you helps keep you motivated, fresh with ideas and provides a support network.

Day 4 (Thursday 9/13)Ask your clients to invite a friend or family member to their session sometime this fall or holiday when visitors are in town. Open the invitation and remind folks of it once in a while. Use this day to make an official invitation that you physically hand your clients, or send a text to your clients (individually, not group) that let’s them know you’ll train anyone of their choosing alongside you, no strings attached (but make sure the workout buddy is apparently healthy, no special conditions or inherent risks to injury, unless you are otherwise trained yourself for it). Offer this up in casual conversation or as a special promotional effort that you announce.

Day 5 (Friday 9/14) – Today, or this weekend (or start the process and get it on your schedule) attend an exercise class of someone you’ve never met at a gym you’ve never been to – most will give a free day pass. This is important because it gives you insight, insight you would not otherwise have if you’re unwilling to cross over to other ‘worlds’. It is important for your own growth and understanding that you see a bigger picture, and, who knows, you may find opportunities to be part of something in your community that you didn’t know was there before.

Go to the website of the local YMCA, Recreation Center, College Gym, or small studio in your town and mark this class on your calendar. Call and find out how to get a free guest pass if it isn’t posted on the website.

Weekend Break!

Day 6 (Monday 9/17)Call one of the five people you admire from Day One (9/10) and invite them to meet up until someone responds and meets you. The people could be local, online, or long distance…and you can plan a meeting around an event that you’ll both be attending or a road trip that you want to make. The date to meet up doesn’t have to happen tomorrow, just make sure to try and make it happen.

Maybe this is someone you went to school with? A teacher you had? Or, someone you don’t know well but like. The idea here is that you’re purposeful in putting yourself around a person that you admire. Sure, this could end up being good for business, but it’s really meant to be good for you, personally.

Day 7 (Tuesday 9/18)Call someone you wish could be your client and connect – no sales – just connect. This can be a friend or family member that is an ideal client. The point of this activity is for you to get to know this person better so you understand others like them and can more adequately target your ideal customer.

What you focus on grows. If you focus on getting to know people that you want to personal train, then more of them will appear. It’s not magic, but it is a phenomenon all successful trainers know to be true.

Day 8 (Wednesday 9/19)Interact with one of the five people on social media who is a new friend. Comment on some of their posts, share a post you like or send them a message with some questions to get to know them better.

Building your network of like-minded friends leads to your name getting out there more.

Day 9 (Thursday 9/20)Invite your current clients to a 30-minute weekend workout class that is $5-10 that you will lead, and tell them they can bring a friend for free. It could also be a ‘pay-what-you-can’ session or consider conducting your first 30-minute weekend session as a donation to a local charity. This could be a great way of getting the word out while also getting some extra $help$ to a charity of your choice. It could be this weekend, next weekend or in a month.

Once you’ve done this once, then think about taking it a step further by scheduling it as a weekly opportunity for the next 6-8 weeks so you can gain momentum and get the word out there. The pricing structure could vary from the first special event session, i.e. the first time around is a gift to the local food bank, and the next sessions will be $5 ‘at the door’ that you keep (or that you split with the local charity of your choice)…just make sure that your clients are aware of what and who they are paying.

As an alternative – you can also record a 30-minute workout session and put it online.

Day 10 (Friday 9/21)Find a free talk at your local library, hospital etc. in the upcoming month and attend it – aim to meet 3 new people afterward. Look in the local newspaper or pick up an events magazine at a local coffee shop.

You can also go online to the library or hospital websites to find events. Or, to the chamber of commerce website to see what’s happening in town. Facebook is also a great place to find local events.

Weekend Break!

Day 11 (Monday 9/24)Sign up for Canva (free at and make a social media image you can share. Place an inspiring quote, fact, or photo in the graphic. It can be very simple if you aren’t a designer. You might surprise yourself though once you see how intuitive this application is!

Canva provides colors, fonts, icons, and templates to make it super simple for you. It might take you 15 minutes up to 60 minutes depending on how into it you get.

Day 12 (Tuesday 9/25)Post your Canva image to social media with appropriate hashtags. If you haven’t finished designing yet, give yourself a deadline and choose a day soon to post it.

Day 13 (Wednesday 9/26)Share inspiring social media images, articles, etc. from one or more of the people you admire online. Tag them when you share. Use the “@” symbol and their name to tag them.

Simply go to your social media channel of choice, find some inspiration and share it. Send a message to the person you got your post from and give them a virtual “high five”! Tag @TheNFPT so we can see what you are posting.

Day 14 (Thursday 9/27)Invite your clients for a group hike or walk and encourage them to bring friends. Schedule this anytime in the next week or two.

The most important thing to do today is choosing a day and time, put it on your calendar and start telling people to put it in theirs. Think of it like a birthday party. Spread the word!

Day 15 (Friday 9/28)Ask clients what they are doing this weekend, where they are going. Find a new event or activity you can attend like a kids sports event, festival, etc. so you can spend time where your clients like to spend time. There’s no pressure to market yourself or do anything fancy.

Just go and see what happens. Maybe you will see some of your clients, maybe not. At least you will get more insight into the people you want to work with by seeing them in action. If you feel weird going alone, invite a friend, grab a coffee and enjoy the time together.

Weekend Break! AND…..

Ready for another challenge? Repeat these 15 tasks again. Consistency is the main secret to getting more clients. Just like it’s key to fitness goals.

If you got behind that’s ok too. Just pick up where you left off and keep working through the challenges at your own pace.


FIND OUT IF A CAREER IN PERSONAL TRAINING IS RIGHT FOR YOU…Is a career in personal training for you?

Follow along with us on Facebook as you challenge yourself and your business. We look forward to your updates!

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Beverly Hosford, MA teaches anatomy and body awareness using a skeleton named Andy, balloons, play-doh, ribbons, guided visualizations, and corrective exercises. She is an instructor, author, and a business coach for fitness professionals. Learn how to help your clients sleep better with in Bev's NFPT Sleep Coach Program and dive deeper into anatomy in her NFPT Fundamentals of Anatomy Course.
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