How Personal Trainers Get Clients

First of all, you shouldn’t become a personal trainer to get rich. You might, but you might not. There are many factors involved in what you may define as ‘success’ in this industry. But, no matter your entrepreneurial spirit, or even the industry you are entering, it is unlikely that you become an overnight success or an instant millionaire. The underlining fact is that if you are going to make a career as a trainer – it needs to, at least and for now, pay the bills. Later down the line, it should get you to financial stability and the lifestyle that you deem to be a success to you.

The reason I started NFPT is because I had a strong passion for helping others succeed. I didn’t open my first studio because I had ulterior motives or wanted to become rich. I simply wanted to help people regardless of age, gender or income level. I was so excited to introduce people to my fascination – the human body.

Now, don’t get me wrong. You can most certainly have a career that is lucrative and still full of inspiration as a personal trainer. It takes hard work and confidence to get there. You need to be ready and able to be a knowledgeable trainer while being a smart business person. You need to shelf your excitement long enough to think clearly about the marketplace. The market in your area will be different than in another. Know your competitors. Know your community. Many people – regardless of the industry they are getting in to – are nervous. But let the excited nervousness be a fire under you, while being careful not to let feelings dictate your decision making.

If you want to make a good living, you have to know how and where to market yourself. How do you sell yourself and to whom? You have to use more entrepreneurial thought. Ask yourself, who has the money to spend? What will be my niche? How can I do things differently, and better, than others in my area. Do the research.

Personal trainers are self-starters. We are high-energy people who want others to become passionate about their health. We want our clients to respect themselves as much as we respect them and their goals to be fit. But, if you want more clients – you have to broaden your scope. You can’t always market to athletes and to people who match your personality. You may need to market to people whose only goal may be to just stay healthy as they age. They aren’t necessarily training for a marathon. They just want to live a healthy and productive life. With hard work and consistency – they can get there. And, you can be a part of that. Isn’t that worth it? YES!



Ron Clark is the Founder of National Federation of Professional Trainers, NFPT. From U.S. Marine Staff Sergeant to Competitive BodyBuilder, then Firefighter and Certified Personal Trainer - he founded NFPT in 1988 with a mission to make fitness training careers accessible to every day fitness enthusiasts who want to turn their passion into their livelihood. Ron has always led with a heart of service, and, in that spirit, he helps people to achieve real and practical career goals that serve a greater good in changing people's lives. He lives and leads by example, being a personal trainer himself for more than 10 years before setting out to develop a certification program that is real-world and foundational to the goals of personal trainers and their clients. Click Here to learn more about Ron's story and NFPT's inception.
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