IDEA World Fitness Convention Inspires Attendees

So we’re back in the saddle here at NFPT Headquarters from our trip to the 2012 IDEA World Fitness Convention in San Diego – and what a time we had! San Diego was graced with 6,000+ inspiring fitness enthusiasts this last weekend.

Thank you IDEA for hosting a well executed, productive and one-of-a-kind event in this beautiful and inspiring city. Every year IDEA brings something new and exciting. We were thrilled to be there! Here’s just a snippet of our experiences at the show…some of the people we met, things we saw and stuff we did that will keep us coming back to the show year after year.

Fitting Fitness City

I’ll let you in on a little secret – this is one of our favorite cities to travel to – hands down! Whenever there’s a fitness convention or event in San Diego, we’re all hoping to get the opportunity to pack our bags. So, this time we decided not to decide – several of us went. It had been a long time since our team was able to go to an expo – together.

Personally, I would be 100% on board with having this convention in San Diego every year – I’m not sure what the turnout is by comparison to Vegas or LA, but I for one really connect with this fitness inspired city! It’s hard not to notice the health driven culture there. Sure, we were there for a fitness specific purpose, and inside the expo hall we expected to see fitness-minded people everywhere we turned. But, to go outside and take a stroll only to see people running stairs and riding their bikes was truly inspiring. I was inspired to eat better. I was inspired to just get out and move. It’s a city that naturally makes you desire to BE: The Transformation (such a fitting theme from IDEA for this year’s event!)

Keynote Message

The opening ceremony and keynote presentation was heartfelt, informative and fun! Peter and Kathy opened up with some background about themselves. It was the first time that I had heard their story, and it made me connect with them in a deeper way. I appreciated hearing of their humble beginnings and I very much enjoyed the IDEA timeline that they shared with the group. They made it fun and entertaining – but I saw so much more than that.

They’re a truly devoted couple, they’re a testament to the things that you can accomplish when your priorities are connected to commitment, humility, a love for others (family) first, a serving heart and endurance to reach purposeful goals. I am inspired, not by Peter and Kathy’s “celebrity status,” but by the people that they are at the heart of it, by the love that they have for one another and for their families; for the love that they have for their IDEA family, which extends to us all. Thank you Peter and Kathy for being our inspiration!

After connecting with the audience, Peter and Kathy gave a generous donation to the Challenged Athlete’s Foundation. Then, Elaine LaLanne presented Jane Fonda with the 2012 Jack LaLanne Award. The stories were moving and the love in that room was obvious. And, let’s not forget Dr. Pamela Peeke getting on stage with Elaine for some push-ups (Elaine’s still got it at 86 years old, you go girl!) Dr. Peeke’s exuberant presentation kept us all in tune. I can’t wait to read her book “The Hunger Fix” coming out this fall.

Launching Relationships

From an exhibitor’s point of view, we were able to make some great connections with some great people. We were excited to meet many professional trainers and business experts as well as connect with colleagues and friends.

I even got a chance to have lunch with part of NFPT’s Certification Council – the perfect time to connect with great people for great conversation, a big thanks to Sam for lunch at the Island Prime, it was fantastic!

We attended some exciting ceremonies and extended events, and got to witness the now infamous San Diego fireworks show (you know, the 13 seconds of fiery explosion that’s been dubbed the “Big Bay Boom Bust” when all the fireworks mistakenly went off at one time. Actually, I have to admit, it was pretty awesome! As my teenage daughter put it, “That was epic!”)

Celebratory Banners

We are very thankful to the nearly 300 IDEA staff that coordinate this show and pull it off while making it look so easy. IDEA, we know it’s not easy – you guys rocked it!Happy Birthday to IDEA! As I walked into the expo, the first thing I saw was a reminder of how long IDEA has been working to “inspire the world to fitness” – these were the covers of past convention brochures. I really enjoyed taking a look back at IDEA’s history.

Thank you IDEA – and thank you to all who came by our booth as well, we hope that your questions were answered and that we contributed a bit to your personal experience at IDEA World 2012!


Angie Pattengale is co-owner and chief executive officer of the National Federation of Professional Trainers, where she works behind the scenes on relationship-building, advertising, policies and procedures, test development and delivery, and growing the business. She joined her father, NFPT founder Ron Clark, at the company in 1994.
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