IHRSA 2012: Technogym Adds Ease to Employee Fitness Tracking

Corporate wellness programs are seen by many corporations as “investing” in their employees. With the continued rise of health care costs, employers recognize that helping employees stay healthy must be a top priority. If employees are maintain their health, most likely, they will be more productive, absent less and will keep insurance costs down.

In order for corporations to obtain success in their wellness programs, they need to see exactly how much exercise their employees are getting and how they are improving. That’s where technology comes into play to add ease to employee fitness tracking.

This past weekend at IHRSA 2012, Technogym, The Wellness Company, proved to be the leader in the technology field relating to fitness. They now have a “wellness cloud” system that enables a club or company access to many “wellness apps,” which connect members to the equipment, each other, and their respective corporation facilitating the wellness program. Technogym outlines the following seven wellness apps – profile, self, challenge, prescribe, asset, communicator, and coach.

Technogym still possesses weight equipment that can track the number of repetitions, range of motion, weight used, and even sets performed. The information gets recorded onto a memory stick. That removable mini-computer chip can be used in multiple workout machines. The memory stick can also “preload the proper settings into the machine. For example, a treadmill at 4 mph for warm up, then to 6 mph and 2% grade for 20 minutes, and a warm down or launch a hill profile.

Wellness programs, especially those sponsored by the health insurers, will be wanting more and more accountability, and with the technology now found in the fitness industry, they will have this. Likewise, a personal trainer or wellness coach or even physician can identify which clients are making the proper progress and make the appropriate adjustments.


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