Instead of the usual nutrition advice this holiday, we thoroughly covered sleep on the NFPT Blog and Live Show. When your clients are rested their decisions are more aligned with their goals. And we composed some creative holiday blogs too…

Kick back and catch up on your fitness reading by finding your favorite topics below. There’s something for everyone. When you’re finished reading, come over to FB and share your thoughts, each post has a unique link at the bottom for you to click on.

Holiday Health Ideas and Tips

Using Social Media to Keep Fitness Clients Accountable During the Holidays
There’s nothing like a few holiday buffets and travel plans to threaten clients’ progress towards their fitness goals. But what if we started using the most available and immediate tool we have to support and encourage better accountability through the holiday season?

5 Tips to Keep Personal Training Clients on Track During the Holidays
How do you limit the overindulgence associated with the holidays without being the Grinch that steals all of the fun out of the holidays?

Portion Control On and Off The Plate
Portion control is a hot topic around the holidays. It’s one way to get through the season without over-doing it. Portion control applies to both food and life. We talk about a little bit of both in this episode.

How Does Caffeine Impact Your Personal Traning Clients?
Caffeine can be good or bad depending on the person, the situation and the goal. Update your knowledge about this drug of choice and how it plays into fitness.

Making Connections Between Exercise Cortisol and Stress
Cortisol is a hormone released to help us deal with stress. It’s an essential component of the birthing process. So, why does it get a bad reputation in the fitness industry? Maybe because it’s called “the stress hormone” and we label stress as BAD.

All About Sleep


Sleep Secrets and Science for Your Fitness Business
Lack of sleep can sabotage your efforts toward getting people healthy and your ability to run a successful business. Make sure you’re getting the sleep you need and then check in with your clients.

Sleep Secrets and Solutions for Your Fitness Business
What if a sleep habit is the one thing holding your client back from better health? Changing one small habit can sometimes be the root of all change. Getting a quality night of sleep positively impacts the ability to choose healthy foods and provides the energy to exercise.

Integrating Sleep and Exercise for Mutual Improvements
Can counting your ZZZ’s benefit athletic performance, or does exercise facilitate a better night’s sleep? An inability to sleep and sleep well is a pervasive health concern in our society today.

Help Your Pregnant Clients Sleep Better
Disturbed sleep is a common pregnancy-related issue experienced by 78% of pregnant women. If your client is not getting enough sleep, it leads to other issues that could make her pregnancy uncomfortable and almost unbearable.

Get Ahead as a Personal Trainer

Get More Personal Training Clients – Communicate Better!
Effective communication goes beyond talking and listening. It takes into account the situation and the specific person you are in conversation with.

The Four C’s of Personal Trainers
If you were embarking on a new workout program, what qualities might you seek in a personal trainer? Does your current level of professionalism fit into such criteria? In other words: Would you hire “you”?

Ankle Anatomy – Fibularis and Peroneus Muscles
Review the muscles, the motions and how to strengthen these important lateral ankle stabilizers.


Get Fresh Workout Ideas for Tomorrow

Help Clients Beat a Bad Mood with this 10-Minute Workout
You and your clients don’t always need a long strenuous training session in the gym to reap the rewards of the mood-boosting effects of exercise. Just a 10-15 minute workout or fast-paced walk around the block can have marked effects on feelings, attitude, and mood.

Align Yourself with the Best Option: The Loaded Carry
A great deal of misconception surrounds the notion of what exactly occurs when one embarks upon “strength training”; many individuals do not realize the positive long-lasting benefits that in reality have little to do with becoming the next greatest international bodybuilder.

Fixed Plane or Free Motion Training?
Is one better than the other? If not, how can we utilize them each to their greatest potential?

The Stability Ball Crunch
The stability ball crunch is an abdominal exercise which predominantly targets the abdominal muscles. It’s a progression from doing crunches on the floor, on a mat because additional core strength and stability is required to balance on the ball. Use this exercise after a baseline of strength in the core has been achieved.

3 Unique Fitness Assessments
You probably check in on client goals, progress, and results regularly. Getting and proving results is one way you retain more personal training clients and keep your business booming. Have you ever measured session to session results, progress, and satisfaction with these three methods?

Business and Career Support


How to Ace a Personal Trainer Interview
You landed an interview. Now what? Interviewing for a new position isn’t the most relaxing experience and preparing for it can be a real challenge when you don’t know what to expect. Get interview advice geared toward your career as a personal trainer.

Fun Reads

Travel the World As a Personal Trainer
The word on everybody’s lips is “travel”. As a young fitness professional, I am excited to see more travel incorporated in fitness business.

Expand Your Horizons with Special Populations

Working with Special Populations as a Personal Trainer
If you’re looking to expand your career, education and be more successful as a fitness professional there is a lot you can learn from listening to this interview. Carol Michaels is someone to model yourself after and her advice is timely for the future of the fitness industry.

Personal Trainers and National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month
Being a personal trainer, maybe you know someone with Alzheimer’s disease. If not, it’s probable that several of your clients do and that they are impacted by the symptoms deeply. It may be time to ask around so that you can create a ripple effect outside of your regular personal training sessions. Spread the good news. There are ways to embrace our aging population exercising with Alzheimer’s disease.

And More…

Ian Scott- Personal Trainer Spotlight
Ian Scott has been working out for 60 years and certified with the NFPT since 2012. His training philosophy is one to model because Ian gets results and maintains a strong client base at 80 years old. He also recently bench pressed 253 lbs. to take the record for the 80+ age category. In fact, Ian holds Six World Records in lifting and bodybuilding that have still not yet been beaten and he is still modeling on occasion.

Using the CRAAP Test to Evaluate Fitness Web Resources
The number of times a student or client has shared an article with me and asked “is this true?” is far beyond my ability to keep track. Fortunately, a friend and former colleague shared with me a useful test to help students determine if what they find is actually worth a CRAAP.