The shock of major transition has lifted, and we’re in the action phase. How do we, as an industry founded on helping people one-on-one, hand on shoulder, face to face, take on a crisis that requires we can’t even be in the same room with many of our loved ones let alone our business clients? The NFPT blog team rose to this challenge. We put our heads together and we wrote about the problems we ourselves were facing, and the ones you likely were too. We learned how to set up virtual training, program bodyweight programs, and handle our businesses closing their doors.

If you were busy trying to figure out how to stay afloat during the COVID-19 crisis and retain clients during shelter-in-place orders and missed the following favorite blogs of the month, taking a look now might still provide some insights into how to move forward, stay current, and address your clients needs from afar.


All Gyms Are Closed: Now What?All Gyms Are Closed. Now What

Here starts the “manual” on all the options we as fitpros have to handle not training our clients in a fitness setting. In person. And you DO have options, outside of just virtual training. Read this and take solace that many of us are indeed making it work, at least to some extent.



Virtual Fitness ClassesHow To Set Up Virtual Fitness Classes

Joining the ranks of every other fitness professional who has found themselves on the same isolation boat is no easy task if you’ve never done it before. Especially for those of us who may not be the most technologically savvy, or worse–have clients who refuse to adapt to the current “Zoom Meeting” culture.

But rise to the occasion we must! And NFPT is here for you to tackle the challenge from all angles.

The Naked Workout: The Raw Truth About Naked FitnessNude Lady Standing In Garudasana Posture

Having the chance to read something a little edgy, a bit quirky, and most likely unexpected should probably come as a relief to most personal trainers. That’s probably why this article quickly became a favorite at the end of the month. Working out in the buff is becoming a “thing”, and you just might be persuaded to try it yourself.

breadThe Carb Conflict: Why Carbs Don’t Make You Fat

Yes, yes, overconsumption of breads, pastas, danishes, cakes, cookies, crackers, and twinkies will probably make you fat. But did you know that overconsumption of chicken, steak, fish, bacon, and nuts will do the same? I sure hope you did because the operative word here is “overconsumption”.  A balanced intake of complex carbs (which include fruits and veggies, as well as Low GI starches) is best when coupled with lean proteins and unsaturated fats in the optimal ratio. But even simple carbs have their place especially among heavy lifters and athletes.



5 Rules To Building Muscle Building Muscle

One of the things proper intake of carbohydrates will do for someone is assist in building muscle. In fact, if someone isn’t meeting their hypertrophy goals, the first place a trainer should look is intake of enough calories from carbs!

That’s one rule. Read the blog for the other four rules!