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Holiday wreath and berries

7 Healthy Holiday Habits to Implement with Fitness Clients

There’s nothing wrong with an indulgence here and there. The holidays are a time for feast and celebration. Clients need tips to stay on track so that they avoid a relapse during the hectic and food-filled time. This year, help your clients create stay-on-track habits. Here are 7 habits to encourage.

girl with barbell

Weight Lifting for Weight Loss

Female clients can use weight lifting to their advantage when wanting to lose weight. I generally don’t encourage a client’s main fitness goal to be “weight loss” because it can foster an unhealthy relationship with their self-image, body confidence and the health industry as a whole.


Pectoralis Major muscle

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Understanding and Training Pectoralis Major

Knowing where pectoralis (pec) major is located, how it moves the surrounding bones and what exercises strengthen it is essential for exercise programming. Pec major is a large muscle in the upper body that influences shoulder movement, upper torso function, and breathing.

skinny female runner

Skinny Doesn’t Guarantee Healthy

“Can you help me to lose weight?” is what many females ask when first meeting with a fitness professional. In a world where we are constantly barraged by images of beautiful and rail-thin supermodels, it’s no wonder that so many women aspire to reach unrealistic goals in terms of appearance.

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