Personal Trainer Today and Vitabot and Vitabot have teamed up to provide you a Nutrition Coaching Tool personalized for your growing business needs.  This Nutrition Solution will drive your fitness business revenue while finally addressing your client’s nutrition problems.  Each Vitabot account is customized for the needs of your business Contact Vitabot. and fill out the inquiry form, using the affiliate code PTT1 in your message, to receive more information and affiliate pricing.

 About the Program…
The Vitabot program uses patent pending technology that provides the tools necessary to design weekly meal plans for meeting performance and nutritional needs! It provides the best foods to eat, their nutritional value, and the calories needed to eat and reach lifestyle fitness goals! This software uses the USDA government database of nutritional information and makes nutritional recommendations that are based on The Institute of Medicine guidelines that are age and gender specific – it’s not just your ordinary nutrition software program!

Here’s how our online nutrition software works!
Just enter the foods that are normally eaten into Vitabot’s online system. The software then points out opportunities and problems with that particular diet, teaching ways to improve by removing or adding foods. For example, healthy substitutes for foods high in cholesterol or saturated fat will be provided; foods with essential vitamins and minerals will be introduced into the meal plan. The software will identify foods that do not contribute to achieving fitness goals and will balance meal plans by suggesting foods to add or replace. The Vitabot system improves the way you feel, look, and perform!

Research shows that people who actively journal and plan their meals achieve better results than those that simply follow a published plan. The Vitabot system works like a private nutritionist, helping to build balanced meal plans around foods your clients normally like to eat. There’s no forced radical change using the Vitabot system, eating habits are identified and plans are provided for ways to make meals work better together.

Vitabot provides the resources needed to make this program successful inside your health and fitness business. We provide unlimited training and support, IT implementation, updates and marketing to help promote your business goals.

Demo Vitabot

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