Are you more professional or authentic? Perhaps you’re a combination. Has it always been that way? Some people are more comfortable leaning one way or the other. Some like to have a balance. Knowing where you stand is half the battle!

This is a fun topic! Join us…

In this episode of NFPT Live we discussed:

*Do you need to have a balance?

*Professional vs. Political

*Being too professional.

*When being all authentic and no professional works.

*How we each found our authentic selves – funny stories!

*Finding the balance if you want to.

Some of our viewers said:

I feel most comfortable when I am lead with firm expectations of excellence, under a leader who sets that example.

There’s authentic professionalism, and there is forced professionalism, which doesn’t resonate with me.

That’s so true-some people feel more comfortable in a professional setting! Great point!

I think the way you carry yourself and the way you speak should always be professional, but it’s okay to also let people in and have them know more about you to feel more comfortable and safe working with you.


NFPT Live Episode #6


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