2 Personal Trainer Certification Exam Sites in Wyoming


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Make Your Appointment through your NFPT Account to take the Personal Trainer Exam at any of these locations.


Prometric Testing Center

951 Werner Ct # 230
WY 82601


Pathways Innovation Center

3000 Independence Ct
WY 82930


If there is not a testing location close to you, we will help set up an approved proctor in your area to administer your exam in hardcopy (this is done by paper/pencil, therefore test results take approximately 3 weeks). Contact us for details >>

When you enroll to the NFPT certification course, you are provided test codes for registering your test day appointment. Your exam appointment is scheduled through your NFPT Account, test site locations can not schedule your appointment. Enroll to a certification course package to receive registration codes for your test day appointment. Questions? Call 800-729-6378. Thank you.

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