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Over the past 20 years the Academy of Holistic Fitness has become recognized and respected within the fitness industry for our innovative and outstanding series of continuing education courses that feature yoga, somatic education, and mind-body fitness.

Our mission: The Academy of Holistic Fitness promotes the traditional practices, teachings, and techniques of yoga, mind-body fitness, and somatic education as practical and effective lifestyle management protocols that support longevity, vitality, healing, and self-actualization.
Our courses are special. We have taken great care to identify what you want to know and what you need to know to become a competent, creative, and compassionate holistic fitness educator. Our courses have been carefully crafted to provide you with the theoretical knowledge and technical know-how to create a variety of meaningful holistic fitness experiences for your students and your Self.

We are not trendy, and we do not follow fitness fads or gimmicks. Our goal is to preserve the essential teachings and techniques of yoga, mind-body fitness, and somatic-based education, while presenting this information in a contemporary way that is appealing, interesting, understandable, and useful for today’s fitness professionals and their clients. To this end, our courses promote the concept of Holistic Fitness as an ongoing process of self-discovery, understanding, and transformation that employs personal-reporting (introspection and somatic awareness) as a valid and reliable data source for scientific inquiry and documentation of results.

We hope our courses become valued resources that enhance both your career and your personal growth. What distinguishes our teaching is our interest in the effect of this work on the total person, not just on the person’s body. We believe that health, fitness, optimal wellness, and lifetime happiness are attained through a combination of disciplined physical, psychological, and spiritually-based training techniques.

Course Name Type CECs
Mind Body Fitness for Personal Trainers MIND BODY 2.4