Beverly Hosford, MABeverly Hosford has a Masters Degree in Kinesiology and has taught anatomy to fitness professionals for over 10 years. Her online anatomy program will teach you to navigate the human body at a deeper level for improved quality of life. You will be equipped with weekly videos, visualizations, handouts and phone calls to support your learning, heighten your awareness and improve your integrity.

This is an online based program which follows an 8 week schedule:

Week 1: Program preparation with terminology and bony landmark review.
Week 2: Hip Extensors and Hip Flexors.
Week 3: Adductors and Deep Six Rotators.
Week 4: Knee Flexors, Knee Extensors, Ankle Plantar-flexors, Ankle Dorsi-flexors.
Week 5: Application/take a break week.
Week 6: Scapula Muscles, Shoulder Muscles.
Week 7: Rotator Cuff, Elbow Flexors, Elbow Extensors.
Week 8: Abdominals, Erector Spinae, Breathing (rib) muscles.


Course Name Type CECs
Online Anatomy Program TRAINER EDUCATION 1.0