Thank you for your interest in promoting continuing education and professional development to NFPT certified trainers!

Are you a continuing education provider? Would you like to reach NFPT trainers to let them know that your course is approved for an NFPT credit award!? We make the process of becoming a provider stress free! Our application process is cut and dry, affordable and offers promotional benefits that are as valuable as you want to make it. Our goal is to work closely with Continuing Education partners to provide NFPT fitness trainers with educational tools for enhancing skill sets, marketability and confidence. Oh, and did we mention that our trainers will get the credits that they need to renew by taking your CE course! Our trainers enjoy variety in their options, and so do we. NFPT will always provide numerous options for completing quality CE that varies in scope and difficulty level, from a number of different providers.

To start…

here are the 3 specific aspects of your course/s/ that we will review when you apply to become an NFPT CEC Provider:

1. Participation Hours:

Number of Learning Activity Hours Number of Credits Awarded
1 Hour 0.2 CECs
2 Hours 0.4 CECs
3 Hours 0.6 CECs
4 Hours 0.8 CECs
5 Hours 1.0 CECs
6 Hours 1.2 CECs
7 Hours 1.4 CECs
8 Hours 1.6 CECs
9 Hours 1.8 CECs
10 Hours 2.0 CECs


2. Recognition of the Activity:

Course content, instructor experience and/or industry recognition, are taken into consideration for each respective continuing education activity. For example, the course must be developed industry expert/s/, delivered professionally and a certificate of completion or other form of successful course confirmation must be provided to the student at the end of the course and/or test.

3. Relevant Subject Matter:

The educational content of your course(s) should speak to the development of fitness training skill sets and/or the business of personal training for the purpose of skill set growth to existing CPTs. In other words, your course/s/ must be relevant to the profession, and must NOT be a personal trainer certification course. NFPT does not approve personal fitness trainer certification course/programs as pre-approved providers of NFPT continuing education.


be familiar with the cost and promotion responsibilities of your APPROVED PROVIDER status. The following are details of what you get as a provider, as well as what is required of you as a provider:




NFPT torch If you have 6 or more courses to submit, contact us for special instructions and a 10% discount on your total course submission fee

NFPT torch If for any reason you are denied approval, you will be given commentary on the reason for the denial and how to improve the submission for a favorable outcome. The application fee of $65 will be incurred, however there is no per course charge for re-submission. Re-submission must occur within 6 months of denial in order for the per course fee to be waived.

NFPT torch A one time special event cost for NFPT review and approval of unlimited courses, classes, seminars, is $165. This is for dated events only. This fee is incurred per each one-time, dated event submission. The approval process is expedited for these events.

CEC Provider Submission Form

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