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Maybe you’ve seen them? Maybe you’ve taken them for CECs? Fitness Flops is a “pictured quiz” that you take through NFPT’s Online Learning Portal. Each month there’s a new picture of a different exercise or trainer etiquette concern that we simply ask, “Do you know what’s wrong with this picture?” In about 4-5 short questions, we ask NFPT-CPTs to identify the reason for concern, how to correct for it and to identify a basic attribute of the exercise or behavior that is being demonstrated. Each Fitness Flop quiz is worth 0.1 CEC…but they have to be taken in the month that they are published (each new flop replaces the one before it).

NOW YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN FITNESS FLOP – and you get stuff for it!

We know you’ve seen poor form or bad etiquette, or something that just honks you off and you want to tell other NFPT-CPTs not to fitness flop!

Here’s the details: (NOTE: THIS IS NOT A CONTEST!)

  • You must be an active NFPT-CPT to submit your own flop
  • You must fill out all of the form fields below to submit your flop idea
  • If your flop is chosen for publication, you get 3 things:
  1. 0.25 CECs
  2. FREE renewal fee for 1 certification year (that’s $85 in your pocket)
  3. An honorable mention in the flop and on our Facebook (i.e. ”This month’s Flop Sponsored by Joe Smith. Let’s learn from Joe!’)

More about the NFPT Fitness Flops:

  • They reinforce the right and wrong ways to train: proper form, safety and trainer etiquette.
  • They offer another FREE CEC opportunity for getting NFPT-CPTs the credits needed to renew. A potential CEC award of 1.2 credits towards the 2.0 annual requirement.
  • They’re FUN, and did we mention ‘FREE!’


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