Personal Trainer Today

Over the last 20 years we’ve seen a lot of things come and go. As part of an ever evolving fitness industry NFPT has had to evolve during that course of time to better serve our trainers and partners. Our evolution continues with the retirement of the Personal Trainer Today (PTT) website.

PTT magazine first came out in 1991.

Personal Trainer Today covers

In 2005 we launched the online version of the magazine, and now it’s time for another move!

All continuing education articles and other helpful content from PTT is now integrated with the NFPT blog. You will no longer have to login to see the CEC articles. No more having to bounce back and forth between two websites.

Social media sites like Facebook and Google Plus have become hugely popular. Many of our trainers are using these sites to network and build relationships. We decided it was better to put our efforts where the community is rather than build our own.

Our monthly PTT e-newsletter is also going away. It is being replaced with NFPT’s “Trainer Pulse” email. Each month subscribers and certified members will get CEC articles, product spotlights, news and announcements, and other helpful material.

Change is something we can all count on. Personal trainers have to change to as the needs of clients change. We will continue to change to best support and equip trainers.

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