Fitness is Just One of NFPT’s Values

Our mission, vision and values drive everything we do.

To build fitness foundations together

To help fitness enthusiasts turn their passion into a career


We applaud performance, endurance and strength at every level.


We welcome you to our trainer family.


We partner with you to build a fitness career.


We create a path to certification for people of all levels of education and experience.


We encourage lasting support and community.


We celebrate certification and career milestones.


We support professional and personal development.


We elevate the value of health.


We bring people together through fitness.


We encourage consistent movement.

Our Promise

We’re Here for You

We help you turn your passion for fitness into a viable, money-making career. Each trainer who becomes NFPT certified is competency assured because our NCCA-accredited program bridges the gap between formal education and real-world knowledge. That’s how we help you earn a living doing what you love.

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