Rack up CECs, Not Extra Fees.

With so many free opportunities, you’ll easily earn the continuing education credits you need to keep your NFPT certification current. Our commitment to quality education with no hidden fees is how we take care of our trainer family. It’s why we’re different from any other certification organization.

Find the complete list of Self Tests and Fitness Flop quizzes in your NFPT Account.

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Free CECs? Really?

NFPT knows that, as a personal trainer, you focus first on the needs of your clients. That’s why we focus first on you. Through free continuing education options like Self Tests and Fitness Flop quizzes, you can earn all of your required credits each year at no additional cost to you. Pursue your free credits when it’s convenient for you. Retake tests and quizzes as many times as you’d like with no time pressure. Score 80% or better and you’ve earned your credit, simple as that. You’ll stay on top of current health and fitness trends to expand and grow your profession through NFPT’s quality educational offerings.

How Many Free CECs Can I Earn?

Each 50-question Self Test on current trends in exercise science is worth 0.6 CEC. Five-question Fitness Flop quizzes about trainer dos and don’ts are worth 0.1 CEC. You’ll receive new Self Tests each June and December and new Fitness Flop quizzes each month. You’ll never run out of easy-to-access resources to keep your certification current. And you’ll always find the Self Tests and Fitness Flop quizzes, current and  prior, in your NFPT Account. Earn the required 2.0 CECs per year through free options or explore our paid courses to gain the knowledge and access the skills you need to grow your career.

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How Does Testing for Free CECs Work?

It’s simple: Read each article in the continuing education packet and then take the corresponding Self Test to demonstrate what you’ve learned. Read the personal training soft-skill situation and then answer a set of questions about it in a Fitness Flop quiz. Take each test or quiz as many times as you need for as long as you need to get your credit. Download the twice-a-year educational packets, corresponding tests and monthly quizzes for free or buy a print copy.

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Become aFitness Nutrition Coach

Add to your nutrition knowledge and earn the title NFPT Fitness Nutrition Coach. You’ll help clients learn to make healthy food choices to support their healthy lifestyle.

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