Get a Leg Up on Your Career

Lay the foundation for a lifetime of fitness success. With a variety of resources for you to improve your business acumen and create solid training programs for your clients, you can drive your business to the next level with NFPT.

Enhance Your Performance

From the moment you begin your assessments for each new client to each time you recertify, you can count on NFPT to provide simple, easy-to-apply guidance. You’ll have everything you need to design valuable programs, including the knowledge to craft expert online training sessions. Once you join the NFPT family, you gain access to all of the tools you need for a successful personal training career.

Build Your Business

To grow your personal training career, you’ll need solid business chops as much as you need sound skills in fitness. You’re no stranger to endorphins but how about to the confidence rush that comes from adding new business skills or finding a new challenge on the job board? Protect yourself and your income with liability insurance and explore new fitness trends and products with exclusive offers from our partners.

Partner with NFPT

As an NFPT partner, you can increase your impact by providing innovative CECs, by offering fitness products and services as a business partner or by helping test candidates complete their NFPT education. Demonstrate your expertise by writing for our blog or meet industry leaders and gain inside knowledge on the personal training industry as an NFPT volunteer. No matter how you partner with NFPT, you’ll find a trainer family eager to make the most of your knowledge and skills.

Want a sneak peek?Preview the Manual

NFPT’s comprehensive education material will provide the fundamental knowledge, laying the foundation for trainer/client success.