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The NFPT Personal Fitness Trainer Manual will be your main study resource, but you can also choose more in-depth instruction through a workshop to reinforce your education.

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NFPT’s comprehensive education material will provide the fundamental knowledge, laying the foundation for trainer/client success.

NFPT Personal Fitness Trainer Manual

The manual will provide an understanding of fundamental exercise science principles and training methodologies for safe and effective fitness program design.  The digital manual is included with all package purchases and will be immediately available upon creating your NFPT Account.  We’ll help you dissect the manual in a few ways, to add a little structure to your studies:

  • NFPT Workbook – Supports your review and understanding of the Personal Fitness Trainer Manual. It includes 365 questions designed to reinforce the course learning objectives. Answer keys are provided for self-assessment.  (digital workbook is included with all package purchases)
  • Online Chapter Quizzes – Study one chapter at a time with chapter summaries and quizzes, this will gauge your understanding of the concepts as you complete each chapter. You can complete the quizzes as many times as you need to retain the information.  (available through your online account with all package purchases)

If you do not want to be tied to a computer to study the material, and do not have the ability to print the digital manual from your account, you can purchase the Hard Copy Personal Fitness Trainer Manual and read it on the go.

NOTE: The hard copy manual is included with the Premier package, but can also be added to the Standard Package purchase (at a reduced cost) when in the shopping cart.    

personal trainer fitness manual

In-Person Workshop

If you prefer a hands-on learning experience with in-person instruction from an industry leader, register for one of our two day workshops held all across North America. Join other aspiring trainers, in a group setting, as you receive classroom and gym instruction…it’s a team effort!  Hands-on learning with NFPT means you will be working out and learning proper form to safely instruct others. Dive into the fundamentals of exercise science and the real-world methodologies essential for your career success, as well as the success of your clients.


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Recorded Workshop

Can’t make it to a workshop, no problem, the Recorded Workshop is for you! There are six training videos, with 10 hours of presentation on the following key elements of Personal Training:

  • Introduction to Concepts/New Client Consult
  • Physiological Assessments
  • Metabolism of Nutrients
  • Muscle Cell Physiology
  • Exercises, Programming, Putting it into Practice
  • Bonus Video: Exercise Demonstrations


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