Keep Your Certification — and Your Clients — Active

When you recertify, you’ll do more than keep your skills fresh. You’ll learn new skills to help your clients achieve even more fitness success.

Keep Your Certification Current

Don’t let your hard work go to waste. Maintaining your NFPT certification is key to your long-term success as a personal trainer. Check the expiration date on your certificate and membership card. To keep your NFPT certification active, you need to recertify every year.

What Do I Need to Do to Recertify?

You need to complete 2.0 continuing education credits (CECs) and submit $85 to keep your certification active each year after your first. You can get those CECs for free from NFPT. You can recertify for two years at a time for $170 and 4.0 CECs, if you prefer. Ninety days prior to your certification expiration date, you’ll get a friendly reminder from us to complete your recertification.

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Nfpt Certification Lifecycle

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What Counts?

You can earn credits for your efforts, even when they’re not in traditional courses. When you do an exercise science or fitness business learning activity — a workshop, a seminar, an approved course from our CEC Provider Partners or even writing blog articles — you earn credit. You can even get credit for maintaining your CPR-AED certification and carrying trainer liability insurance. You can submit your activities through your NFPT Account.

You’ve got options. Many trainers choose NFPT’s quality courses like Fitness Nutrition Coach and Master Fitness Trainer. But you also can earn all of your CECs for free through Self Tests on exercise science and Fitness Flop quizzes about trainer dos and don’ts. We offer free CEC opportunities because we care about our trainer family.

Start Your Recertification

Every time you complete a course or take a self-test quiz your CEC total is recorded in your online account. Login anytime to see how many CECs are still required to complete your recertification.

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Become aFitness Nutrition Coach

Add to your nutrition knowledge and earn the title NFPT Fitness Nutrition Coach. You’ll help clients learn to make healthy food choices to support their healthy lifestyle.

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