Sleep Coach

Understand the impact of good sleep hygiene on physical and mental health.

Just the Facts

  • NFPT CECs = 2.0 CEC Guarantee More info
  • Est. Prep/Completion Time = 10 hours
  • Price = $169.00

About the Course

In the Sleep Coach course, you’ll discover strategies to help clients get more sleep and become more energized. Delve into the science of how sleep and circadian rhythms affect fitness.

Improve Sleep Habits

Despite knowing that getting a good night’s sleep is healthy, many people struggle to get the rest they need. Since adult sleep guidelines for adults range from 7-9 hours, people can find it hard to know if they are sleeping enough. Many rely on a cycle of caffeine and sugar to get through the day.

This course’s guided approach to better sleep provides you a variety of behavior change techniques you can use to coax (and coach) people into getting better sleep. Use the provided sleep journal to help your clients build sleep awareness so that change naturally will follow.

Research supports hundreds of reasons for good sleep. Clients will:

  • Feel better
  • Think more clearly
  • Be more patient
  • Gain more energy
  • Make better choices
  • Experience more joy
  • Live longer
  • Enjoy better health

Is This Course Right for You?

The Sleep Coach course is for certified personal trainers who want to help clients achieve better sleep. It’s appropriate for anyone interested in strengthening their body and mind through deep and restful sleep. You’ll learn the importance of a sound sleep to body and mind and how better sleep is the first step to improving health and fitness. After you complete this course, you can share your new expertise to inspire potential and existing clients to devote more time to healthy sleep.

Continuing Education Process

Education Objectives

  • Track sleep habits effectively
  • Understand the impact of lifestyle on sleep and overall health
  • Learn the science of sleep cycles
  • Explore the connections between good mornings and being well rested
  • Understand sleep disorders and medications


  • Take the multiple choice test online
  • Answer 45 questions in an hour
  • Score 70% to pass
  • Get instant test results
  • Retest once for free

Meet the Author

Beverly Hosford

Beverly Hosford holds a master’s degree in kinesiology. She has been teaching anatomy and coaching fitness professionals for more than 10 years and serving the fitness industry for more than 15 years. She is a writer and subject matter expert for the IDEA Health and Fitness Association, the American Council on Exercise and the National Federation of Professional Trainers. Beverly teaches and presents at conventions nationwide. Her mission is to support the preventative portion of the healthcare industry by educating and empowering fitness professionals and healthcare providers. If you have questions about this course or need education support assistance after you have enrolled, email [email protected] and we’ll connect you to Beverly.

Bev is one of the most well-versed, enthusiastic and genuinely caring individuals I’ve met in practice. She knows what she’s talking about, knows how to spread her know-how and loves to do so. Bev made me decide to follow the career path I am following.– Jackie Cork, certified personal trainer