Plyometric Training

Learn methods of training that use speed and force to build muscle power.

Just the Facts

  • NFPT CECs = 0.8 CEC Guarantee More info
  • Est. Prep/Completion Time = 3-4 hours
  • Price = $50

About the Course

Incorporate explosive movements, including jump training, to improve physical performance for athletes and anyone interested in challenging the intensity of their workouts.

So Much More Than Jumping

Plyometric training is more than jump training. It is a method that improves an athlete’s ability to perform explosively. Plyometric training improves the myostatic capabilities of the body. The Plyometric Training course helps you understand how plyometric training works and when to apply it. Learn the science behind plyometrics and the chain of biomechanical events that lead up to a true plyometric movement.

Is This Course Right for You?

You can use plyometric training to help clients improve in sports such as basketball, tennis and volleyball. But it’s also useful for anyone who wants to improve their athletic performance, including those clients recovering from injuries. If you want to broaden your appeal and reach more clients with fun training alternatives, you’ll benefit from adding workouts that boost muscle power, strength, balance and agility. Create workouts based on plyometric training or sprinkle in some plyo moves to your client’s usual routines after you complete this course.


Continuing Education Process

Education Objectives

  • Understand plyometric training
  • Explore plyometric warm ups
  • Learn foundational plyometric exercises
  • Understand the risks and rewards of plyometrics
  • Learn about safe progression for clients
  • Answer common misconceptions


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  • Answer 54 questions in an hour
  • Score 70% to pass
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