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The NFPT Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) program is designed for fitness enthusiasts who are beginning their personal training career. We also certify existing trainers who want to expand their bio.

Since 1988, NFPT has been qualifying fitness trainers, through accredited and industry established certification, to work one-on-one or in small group settings.

Personal Trainer Certification Package Options:

Choose your NFPT Certification package. Get Certified. Put your CPT credential to work!

Standard Cert Package

Standard Certification Package


  • Exam Voucher
  • Exam Content Outline
  • Trainer Manual
  • Study Guide
  • Online Chapter Review Quizzes

Premier Cert icon

Premier Certification Package


  • Exam Voucher
  • Exam Content Outline
  • Trainer Manual
  • Study Guide
  • Online Chapter Review Quizzes
  • Exercise Animations
  • Client Assessment Videos
  • Practice Tests (2)
  • Expert Support

Exam voucher

Exam Only


  • Exam Voucher
  • Exam Content Outline

STANDARD and PREMIER Certification packages include the following:

Certification Exam Voucher

Exam voucherThe certification exam will test your understanding of personal trainer skill sets required by the profession.  It consists of 120 multiple choice questions, derived from 5 categories. We will provide you with a detailed outline that may be used as a checklist for your exam prep.

More about the exam >>

Exam Content Outline

This resource is a checklist of subjects that you will find on the personal trainer exam. It lists all main categories and the percentages for each category based on how each is weighted on the exam. Each main category is then broken up into sub-categories by subject and then in to specific components for each subject.

Personal Trainer Manual

Personal Fitness Trainer ManualOur Trainer Manual provides comprehensive teaching for safe and effective personal training services and complete consultation guidelines. It reinforces fundamental exercise science concepts with a back-to-basics approach. It is provided as a download. (Hard copy available for purchase.)

More about the manual >>

Study Guide

cover_study_guideThe study guide supports your review and understanding of the Trainer Manual. It includes 365 questions, broken up by each chapter from the manual. This guide is designed to reinforce the course learning objectives for more effective exam preparation. This guide is provided as a download. (Hard copy available for purchase.)

Online Chapter Review Quizzes

computer iconIn your NFPT online account, you are provided with this convenient online study aid that is accessible to you anytime, even after you’re certified. This is an online learning version of the Study Guide. It follows each of the 19 chapters in the Personal Trainer Manual with quizzes at the end of each chapter. These online quizzes make it easy to self-assess your knowledge and gauge your understanding as you go through the text.

Financing Payment Option

Financing AvailableYou can start with the STANDARD or PREMIER certification package without the entire up-front payment. Make a small down payment and then pay off the balance, in any amount you can, over a one year period. Once you complete your balance, then schedule your CPT exam appointment. No interest. No obligation. And you get everything that comes with the package, up front.

The PREMIER Certification Package includes these extras:

2 Practice Tests

These practice tests give you a sampling of the kinds of questions you can expect to see on the exam. Each practice test consist of 45 multiple choice questions that represent each of the 5 exam categories. Take multiple times at your convenience.

Exercise Animations

Over 80 exercise animations provide dynamic instruction, demonstrating a broad range of properly performed movements involving nearly every major muscle group. You retain access to these after the exam.

Client Assessment Videos

Over 45 videos that take you step-by-step through the necessary assessments for creating and implementing fitness training programs personalized for individual clients. Videos are broken down by client types: General Fitness, Athletes and Older Adults.

Expert Support

NFPT expert trainers are available by appointment to answer any questions you have about training and programming concepts or about subject matter in the education material. There is no time limit or question limit. Simply email [email protected] and request an education support call.

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More Certification Information

What Trainers Say About NFPT

Find out what trainers have to say about NFPT and the certification program. Show me.

Certification Process Explained

Step-by-step explanation of the process; how it works and what it will look like. Show me.

Why Choose NFPT?

See the top 10 Reasons to choose NFPT Certification. Show me.

Recertification & FREE CECs

NFPT offers the most affordable certification maintenance. Show me.

Exam Prep Help

We’re here for you throughout the process of preparing to take the exam. Show me.

Compare Certifications

A detailed comparison of NCCA accredited certification programs. Show me.

What Trainers Say about NFPT

After calling several other certification companies, most seemed cold over the phone and always tried to say they were the best. Not with NFPT! They were honest and down to earth. I know other people who are certified with other companies and they seem dissatisfied when talking about what their companies do for them. ~ Jerald E. Pensacola FL

For the last decade I have studied and practiced fitness. After reading the text for this certification I no longer have any doubts or confusion surrounding the immense field of fitness. NFPT provides a solid basis for any education in fitness. ~ Jason D. Santa Cruz CA

What a great feeling it was to pass my exam!! YEE HA! Thank you NFPT for all of your support while I was working toward this goal. You all made me feel like someone was out there rooting for me to succeed and I wasn’t in this thing alone. I was inspired by the people of NFPT…what a GREAT group of folks!” ~ Lisa R. Anderson IN

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Certification Process Explained

1PICK a Certification Option

Choose the STANDARD or PREMIER certification package, or go straight to taking the Exam Only. Eligibility approval for your certification exam requires the following pre-reqs:

  • Minimum age of 18 years
  • High school education or equivalent
  • Current government issue I.D. (needed on exam day)
  • Agreement with NFPT codes of conduct

See Certification Terms and Conditions for certification eligibility, codes of conduct, and re-certification details.

2PREP for the Exam

Upon enrollment approval, you will receive an instructional email with log in information for your NFPT online account. All certification package tools and resources are available through your NFPT account. We assist you with exam preparation by providing educational resources as learning references for the subjects that are on the exam.

The NFPT Personal Trainer Manual is an optional resource to assist with your preparedness. The STANDARD and PREMIER Certification packages include this resource. Use the manual, study guide, your current knowledge, and/or as many other credible resources as possible to get ready for your exam. Knowledge is power!

3PASS the Exam

The NFPT-CPT Exam is an assessment of your understanding of anatomy, physiology, training methodologies and goal-oriented fitness programming. On average, trainers take the NFPT Personal Trainer certification exam within 30 – 60 days of enrollment, but you are given one (1) year to pass it. When you feel that you are ready to take the exam, log in to your NFPT Account and follow the instructions for “Exam Appointment.”

You will receive instant exam results when using one of NFPT’s computer based testing sites. NFPT has over 350 testing sites to choose from. Your certificate and membership card will be sent by mail immediately following. Use your NFPT-CPT title in your bio, resume, online and as a pre-req to the trainer job you’ve been looking for!

See detailed process steps >>

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Why Choose NFPT?

Here are the Top 10 Reasons for choosing to work with NFPT as your Personal Trainer Certification provider:

  1. 15% Certification Package Discount for ALL Civil Servants

    Police, Fire, EMTs, Military and Reserves receive this discount in gratitude for the work that these brave men and women do everyday – we salute you!

  2. Accredited Certification Program

    NFPT Certification is NCCA accredited, adding confidence to your NFPT-CPT credential

  3. 10% Certification Package Discount for Current Health Club Staff

    NFPT works with health clubs around the world. We are happy to provide a discount to club staff to encourage staff members to prepare together, assist one another and encourage formal certification credentialing

  4. Free CEC Maintenance

    All accredited certifications require continuing education credits (CECs) in order to recertify. NFPT requires 2.0 annually, and ALL credits can be obtained at no cost

  5. G.I. Bill Approved

    Active and Veteran Military service members can use their GI Bill benefit for the NFPT Certification Exam

  6. Industry History

    NFPT was established in 1988 with a history that is rooted in fitness and personal training

  7. Focus on Fundamentals

    NFPT takes a foundational, back-to-basics approach to learning and getting real, lasting results

  8. Convenient Testing

    the NFPT-CPT exam can be taken at any of 350+ testing sites, by appointment at your convenience.

  9. Professional Connections

    NFPT partnerships and collaborative industry efforts benefit our trainers every day

  10. Trainer and Family Community

    NFPT is a family owned and operated company that supports its trainers, like family. You’re a name, not a number. NFPT’s founder is a retired Marine, Fireman and worked more than 10 years as a personal fitness trainer. We are a company that is grounded with fitness roots and the desire to serve. NFPT trainers are a community of professionals who add value and care to one another’s successes.

See reasons with more details >>

Recertification & Free CECs

Recertification of your CPT credential is required by all credible certification agencies. NFPT provides free options for Continuing Education Credits (CECs) and convenient ways to submit your on-going learning activities for credits. You don’t have to get credits in year 1, you start getting CECs in year 2 of your NFPT certification. Here’s a quick snapshot of how it works:

NFPT recertification cycle infographicSee Recertification and CEC details >>

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Exam Prep Help

Exam voucherThe NFPT-CPT examination is administered by appointment, at your convenience. After you enroll, you will have access to your NFPT account where you can schedule to take your exam at over 350+ testing locations. You will have one (1) year to take the exam, though the average prep and pass time is between 60-90 days. There are 120 multiple choice questions on the exam with 1000 possible points. A passing score is 750 points. The exam may be re-taken if needed. We will support your studies so that you do not have to re-take the exam. With education support by phone appointment and thorough study tools that walk you step-by-step through the learning material, you will pass this exam if you give the appropriate amount of time and attention to your studies – and we’ll help you!

See test sites near you and learn more about the exam >>

Compare Certifications

Getting certified is the necessary first step towards a successful career in the fitness industry. Deciding which certification is best for you can be overwhelming.

We searched the web, made the calls and asked the questions that we, as a certifying agency, get every day. We put together a comparison of personal trainer certifications to help make your search a little easier.

Comparison Data
Certification Cost
Total Annual Cost
Available Financing
Renewal Cost
CECs Required
CEC Cost Estimate
Who’s the Cert for?

See Full Comparison Chart >>

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Angie Pattengale, NFPT
“Certification provides you with credibility and demonstrates high standards that can help you to start earning as a personal trainer. Whether you’re beginning a career as a personal trainer, or looking to accelerate your growth in the industry, NFPT can help you succeed as a fitness professional”.