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Follow these Steps to Achieve Your CPT Credential:

PICK Your Certification Package

We offer two (2) certification package choices so that you can decide what study tools or trainer resources you want to pay for. After purchasing your cert package, an email with your NFPT ID# and account set up instructions is sent immediately.

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From your NFPT account, you access all of the resources that come with your certification package. Also, you receive exam codes and information for scheduling your exam at a computer testing location nearest you.

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PREP for Your Exam

Start studying at your own pace. The average amount of prep time is 60-70 total hours. You can divide the time according to your schedule, and use the prep resources as much and as often as you’d like from your NFPT account. All certification package resources are available in your online account, with the option of ordering the hard copy manual and workbook – in case you’d rather have something tangible to work with.


  • Understanding the Principles of Human Anatomy

  • Understanding the Processes of Human Physiology

  • Being Familiar with Fitness Components and Training Methods

  • Developing, Implementing and Modifying Goal-Oriented Exercise Programs

  • Using Professionalism and Effective Communications Skills to Promote Trainer Services and Success

We are happy to send you a preview of the Trainer Manual. We’ll email you the TOC and first 3 Chapters!


PASS Your Certification Exam

Schedule your exam appointment whenever you’re ready (please schedule it at least one year from your enrollment, or let us know if you need an extension). Use the exam codes in your online account to select a test date that works with your schedule. The test site only needs 7-10 days’ notice from your desired exam date. Most sites have evening and weekend availability as well.

No waiting for scores! You will receive a print-out of your scores before you leave, with a more formal notification (certificate and ID card) via mail within 1-2 weeks.

Test anxiety is a thing, and we get that, so we’re here to help with Test Taking Tips.


  • 400+ Testing Sites Worldwide

  • Set Your Own Exam Appointment (within 1 year of enrollment)

  • 120 Multiple Choice Questions, 2 Hour Time Limit

  • 750/1000 Points to Pass, 74% First Time Pass Rate

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Congratulations – you did it! Now you’re ready to get out there and put your credential to work!

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  • Step-by-Step Client Consultation Guidelines

  • Assessment Videos and Protocols for New Clients

  • Certified Trainer Online Listing

  • Job Search for Openings in Your Area

  • Personal Trainer Business Plan Template

  • Free CECs for the Life of Your Certification!

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Your NFPT-CPT credential requires maintenance to uphold. All certification organizations require continuing education and renewal (that is, if they are accredited. For employment and credibility purposes, we highly recommend choosing from an accredited source).

The thing that makes NFPT different in this area … we don’t use CE as a profit source. We don’t require that you complete NFPT-only courses or pay additional fees as penalty if you don’t. The recertification process with NFPT is as cut and dry and convenient as it gets. 2.0 Continuing Education Credits (CECs) each year, starting after your first year of being certified (this is equal to 10 learning/participation hours annually, starting in year 2 of certification) and a $85 annual membership renewal fee. The membership fee covers on-going NFPT services and updated certificate/ID membership card, but it also covers all CECs for the life of your certification! This means that you get CECs when you take NFPT FREE CEC offers throughout the year.


  • Fitness Flop or Fact?: Monthly mini-quiz (4 questions) based on a Trainer Skills article from the NFPT blog

  • Self-Tests: bi-annual tests (~40 questions), published each June & December that reference NFPT CE articles

  • Trainer Refresher: An online self-assessment test that covers each of the 19 chapters of the Trainer Manual

  • Article Contribution: can you write? If you are part of the NFPT blogging team, you are awarded CECs and your membership fee is waived!

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We’re here for your fitness future

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