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NFPT Blog Mission

The NFPT Blog is the place for our trainer family to support one another with exercise ideas, tips and advice for programming. NFPT shares proven business and marketing strategies and compiles programming ideas and effective workouts for you to try with your clients. Together, we make the challenging job of inspiring people to get fit just a little easier.

NFPT Blog Contributors

The NFPT Blog is for trainers, by trainers. We prefer that the trainers who write for the blog be NFPT certified but also carefully consider trainers who hold other certifications and health experts who have something important to share with our trainer family. We like personal stories and examples of recent research that flow into practical tips for a trainer to apply in their work today. Check out the NFPT Submission Guidelines. We look forward to reading your work.

NFPT Style

People of all ages and varying levels of experience read the NFPT Blog, so we prefer a clear writing style with personal flair. Articles should be concise, thorough and based on research or personal experience. The tone is friendly and positive. Writers shouldn’t make assumptions that the reader is doing something wrong. The NFPT trainer family is eager to learn from one another. NFPT prefers articles that trainers can scroll through on their phone between clients, striking a balance of being professional, useful and fun. If you’d like to submit a post, please consult NFPT’s published articles to make sure your idea hasn’t already been covered. Email Publisher Michele Rogers to discuss your topic before writing your piece.

NFPT welcomes topics that appeal to personal trainers, including:

  • Client relationships
  • Nutrition
  • Trainer advice
  • Personal training business
  • Marketing
  • Exercise programming
  • Special populations
  • Sport-specific training
  • Social media tips
  • A lesson you wish you’d learned sooner

Blog Submission Guidelines

Word Count: 400–1,000 words

Grammar: Edit your work thoroughly. NFPT uses Associated Press Style guidelines for numbers, capitalization, abbreviations and punctuation, including only one space after a period or colon and no serial commas.

Formatting: Submissions should be single-spaced in 12-point type in a Word document (.doc or .docx). Include options for a catchy headline that’s Search Engine Optimization-friendly and a first sentence that grabs the reader’s attention.

Citations: All research-based content must be from a reputable source like a scientific journal whenever possible and citations must be included. Avoid questionable sourcing, content and cliches.

Original content: NFPT prefers original work that has not been published elsewhere. We rarely consider work that has appeared on another blog or website. If your work has been previously published, you warrant that NFPT has all rights to use, reuse, post and re-post the content.

Payment: NFPT gives continuing education credits (CECs) to NFPT-certified trainers for each article published. Contracts may be negotiated with writers who contribute consistently. Writers may link to their article on the NFPT Blog from their own blog, website or social media accounts.

How to Submit Blog Posts

Submit your edited piece to NFPT Publisher Michele Rogers. Please include a 2–3 sentence biography written in third person and your professional, well-lit headshot. Images you’d like to include must either be your own photos or you must obtain written permission from the photographer(s) to use the photo(s) on the NFPT Blog before you submit. NFPT will edit your copy and choose imagery that best fits each submission. NFPT reserves the right to edit, modify and delete blog posts without notice.

Social Media

NFPT posts blog entries across social media platforms. Blog contributors can help expand the reach of their articles and connect with a larger audience by interacting with NFPT on social media channels, adding comments and sharing posts. NFPT creates and maintains a supportive environment for our trainer family and encourages discussion and debate. When promoting your work and commenting, please:

  • Be respectful, supportive, and encouraging
  • Do not disrespect others, use profanity or act maliciously
  • Do not submit or upload content that is defamatory, harassing, threatening, bigoted, hateful, violent, vulgar, obscene, pornographic or otherwise offensive, or that harms or can reasonably be expected to harm any person or entity, even if the action is protected by law

NFPT has the right to moderate, monitor and delete comments. We encourage creating connections, so feel free to jump in and get conversations going.


Contact NFPT Publisher Michele Rogers.