We’re so excited you’re interested in joining the NFPT trainer family. Let’s see if you qualify for certification.

You Fit the NFPT Fitness Family

You’ll find the NFPT eligibility requirements to be simple and straightforward, just like we are.

You Are Eligible If:

You’re 18 or older.

NFPT trainers must be legal adults who can enter into formal agreements and be legally accountable for their actions.

You have earned a high school diploma or equivalent.

A high school or general education diploma (GED) shows that you have a basic knowledge of math, science, English and physical education/health. This knowledge lays the foundation for skills specific to personal trainers.

You agree to the NFPT Codes of Conduct.

Understanding and committing to the NFPT Codes of Conduct is important. It shows that you appreciate the ethical responsibility you have as a fitness trainer and that you are committed to maintaining high professional standards.

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Build a rewarding career by helping others live a healthy lifestyle. As a personal trainer, you can live your dream by sharing your passion for fitness. Embark on a new career now.

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