Filing A Complaint

We take matters of NFPT Certified Trainer and Affiliate conduct very seriously. NFPT trainers and affiliates are upheld to the Professional Codes of Conduct and are expected to conduct themselves with a high standard of care for client safety, respect and professionalism. If you are concerned that a NFPT Certified Trainer or affiliated Business Entity has not upheld these standards, please let us know. Fill out the form below and provide as much supporting documentation as possible. You will be contacted within 24 business hours by the NFPT Certification Director to confirm that your submission has been received. Confidentiality and anonymity are priority with NFPT. Your name, contact information and details of your concern will not be shared with any person or entity other than authorized NFPT Certification personnel or NFPT Certification Council members for the exclusive purpose of investigation, review and resolution only as it relates to the misuse or misrepresentation of NFPT Certification or the Certified Personal Trainer credential and professional title. Please complete the form below. Thank you for addressing your concern and bringing this matter to NFPT Certification.


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