Resistance Training Specialist

Harness the power of resistance for weight loss, athletics and competitive bodybuilding.

Just the Facts

  • NFPT CECs = 2.0 CEC Guarantee More info
  • Est. Prep/Completion Time = 10 hours
  • Price = $135

About the Course

Give your clients an athletic, game-like training protocol with the Resistance Training course. Learn both traditional and non-traditional approaches so you can train to hit each client’s goals

Lift to New Heights

The Resistance Training course will help you to design more effective resistance exercise programs for your clients. Whether your clients want to firm up or bulk up, your deeper understanding of training techniques can enhance their efforts. This course covers both traditional and non-traditional approaches and is full of user-friendly methods that will demonstrate the power of resistance training.

Is This Course Right for You?

Whether you have a background in weightlifting techniques or you’re just delving in, you will learn diverse scenarios focused on the direct holistic interaction that exists between the relative human anatomy and biology and the application of force and resistance against muscular contraction.

In the Resistance Training course, you’ll explore how the body functions and adapts to applied resistance and especially the most often overlooked element of resistance training programs: the response of multiple body systems to the application of varied amounts of resistance.


Continuing Education Process

Education Objectives

  • Understand general health and resistance exercise
  • Learn about muscle cell structure and function
  • Explore training methodologies
  • Understand the metabolic continuum
  • Learn weight training techniques for fat loss


  • Take multiple choice test online
  • Answer 125 questions in two hours
  • Score 70% to pass
  • Get test results instantly
  • Retest once for free