Running Mechanics

Master the complexities of body mechanics for more efficient running.

Just the Facts

  • NFPT CECs = 0.6 CEC Guarantee More info
  • Est. Prep/Completion Time = 2-3 hours
  • Price = $45

About the Course

Help your clients learn proper running mechanics and counteract poor muscle flexibility, improper muscle fiber recruitment and muscle imbalances that lead to overcompensation.

Going the Distance

In the Running Mechanics course, you’ll learn about the basic science of running. Running seems simple enough but it is actually a very complex movement and, if you want to get the most from it, it is important to understand and implement proper running mechanics. Almost every sport requires some type of running. Therefore, it is crucial for trainers, especially those working with athletes, to understand the fundamentals. This course explains and demonstrates basic running mechanics and how to correct common dysfunctions. You’ll learn warm up and stretching methods that can reduce injury and improve finishing times and you’ll come away with simple exercises that are easy to apply with immediate benefit.

Is This Course Right for You?

Even as running becomes more popular, a majority of beginning runners lack proper running mechanics. When you can spot issues that could lead to short- or long-term injury, you become enormously valuable to your clients. Whether your client is a casual runner or goes long distances, you can help them improve their flexibility and target weaknesses. In this course, you’ll learn a variety of dynamic movements, corrective exercises, strength exercises and more. After completion, you’ll have the skills to develop a training program that helps your clients meet their running goals safely.


Continuing Education Process

Education Objectives

  • Understand the mechanics of running
  • Correct common runner dysfunctions
  • Learn to implement basic movement therapies
  • Understand how to improve running performance


  • Take the multiple choice test online
  • Answer 36 questions in one hour
  • Score 70% to pass
  • Get test results instantly
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