Core Training

An introduction to training the core and assessing core stability

Just the Facts

  • NFPT CECs = 0.8 CEC Guarantee More info
  • Est. Prep/Completion Time = 3-4 hours
  • Price = $54

About the Course

Help your clients strengthen their core for maximum performance. You’ll create exercises to enable motor control, mobility and stability, and core strength.

Tighten Up Your Powerhouse

The core is where most of the body’s power is derived. It provides the foundation for all movements of the arms and legs. It must be strong, have dynamic flexibility and function synergistically in its movements in order to achieve maximum performance. This course discusses in detail all the different muscles of the core, how to properly train the core, tests to evaluate your clients’ core stability and functional core routines for runners, cyclists and the everyday Joe or Jane.

Is This Course Right for You?

Help your clients reach their core fitness goals. Create exercise programs to help clients develop their core muscle groups into a stable base to generate optimal force and motion. With your guidance, they can strengthen the stabilizers of the spine (transverses, abdominis and multifidus) while keeping their spine safely in a neutral position. When they train their core effectively through a variety of exercises, your clients will gain motor control, mobility and stability, along with their increased core strength. You will learn techniques to evaluate your client with core stability testing and use it to create a solid exercise program. This course will demonstrate effective exercises to reach your clients’ goals.

Continuing Education Process

Education Objectives

  • Understand the muscles of the core
  • Learn a functional core routine
  • Master core stability testing
  • Explore corrective exercises


  • Take the multiple choice online
  • Answer 30 questions in an hour
  • Score 70% to pass
  • Get instant test results
  • Retest once for free