Why CECs are Good for You

Take Care of Your CPT Credentials — and Your Career

Every day you encourage your clients to make good decisions, even when time is tight. In your own decision-making process, you know that continuing education is good for you. Here’s why you should make the time to do it.

Develop New Skills

In a sea of trainers, you’ll set yourself apart with fresh skills and knowledge from continuing education courses to expand on your credential and keep yourself on the cutting edge. Clients are eager to try new techniques to make progress, and they want to learn from enthusiastic trainers who are passionate about fitness. You also can do more for clients experiencing challenges due to cancer treatments or neuromuscular conditions, among other ailments. When you learn techniques that can help these populations improve mobility, decrease pain and increase overall physical and mental health, you increase your scope of practice.


Grow Your Business

Clients are drawn to trainers who are qualified, reliable and trustworthy. And they really like those who demonstrate knowledge of multiple fitness skills. When you help your clients improve, they’ll stay with you and refer their friends, too.


Reinvigorate Your Passion

Expanding your knowledge fuels the passion that first inspired you to seek certification. Learning a new training tool or how to turn a traditional method into a new way to work out can invigorate you and your clients. When you enroll in NFPT’s continuing education courses, you could earn a new title like Fitness Nutrition Coach or Endurance Training Specialist. You’ll get all of the care you need to put your new experience to work from our NFPT trainer family.

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