Functional Movement Training

There is no “one size fits all” to human movement. Rather, there are many human shapes that can accomplish the same movement goals.
Functional Movement Training provides a complete movement screening strategy by looking at the complete person, their environment and their unique parts. Functional Movement Training helps health and fitness professionals learn safe, simple and effective techniques to assess conscious movement. At the FMT course, you’ll learn multiple assessments along with intervention strategies of the fundamental movement of squatting.

You’ll learn how to use a variety of interventional tools like mobility balls, exercise bands, foam rollers, compression flossing bands and agility and conditioning equipment to learn an evidence-informed, brain-based approach to movement improvement and functional performance programming. You’ll find out how digital motion analysis technology can help you enhance your objectivity when assessing human movement.

Functional Movement Training courses are taught by industry leading experts in movement assessment, performance and rehabilitation. Classes are intended for health and fitness professionals with all levels of prior movement screening experience. All supplies needed for the course and lab experiences are provided.

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Course Name Course Type CECs
FMT Movement Specialist FUNCTIONAL TRAINING 2.4
FMT Mobility Specialist FUNCTIONAL TRAINING 1.2
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