Anatomy Fundamentals



Learn muscle anatomy and mindful movement in a unique and interactive way as you are led through a hands on exploration, locating muscle insertions on yourself and others, for a deeper connection to movement. With 21 videos, 100+ reviewed muscles and dozens of exercises to help with correction and strength, you will learn to cue form properly for injury prevention and address client concerns with confidence and correct terminology.

Est. Prep/Completion Time = 10+ hours

NFPT CEC Award = 2.0


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This course will deepen your understanding of muscle anatomy and help you to design more effective exercise programs for your clients. Every day exercise for yourself and your clients will be enhanced in its effectiveness and understanding because you will have a deeper level of confidence in your anatomy knowledge. This course will review muscle attachments and how the muscles function for optimal performance. Understanding anatomy is a major component of personal training success and knowing it proficiently can be the determining factor between a client’s decision to work with you, or not. In this course you will learn it in a way that you can retain it.

The author of this course, Beverly Hosford, has an MA in Kinesiology and has over 10 years of experience teaching anatomy college classes and independent anatomy workshops at major fitness conventions, like IDEA World. In the materials that accompany this course, Beverly will guide you around the human skeleton with weekly videos, visualizations, handouts, audios and articles that heighten body awareness and enhance movement integrity.

What You Get with this Course
Test & Practice Test
Course Prep Video (32min: 14sec)
6 Video Modules/ 21 Videos (3hrs: 52min: 11sec)
Course Workbook (PDF Download)
Education Support (with course author!)
Certificate of Completion



If you are studying to become certified as a personal fitness trainer, then this course is the perfect supplement to your existing understanding of anatomy and your current exam preparation materials. If you are already a Certified Personal Trainer, then this course will reinforce what you already know, you will receive credits for taking and passing this course test, and you will relay your anatomy knowledge to your clients with much more confidence. This course is for anyone who enjoys learning, at a deeper level, the muscle structure and function that makes up our body’s anatomy.

This is an advanced Continuing Education Course. An understanding of basic human anatomy is recommended before enrolling.


Online, multiple choice test

40 questions, limit = 1 hour

70% pass score

Instant test results

1 Free Online Re-test

Course/Test access for 3 Years


Week 1: Prep: Program preparation with terms and bony landmark review

Week 2: Hip Extensors and Hip Flexors

Week 3: Adductors and Deep Six Rotators

Week 4: Knee Flexors, Knee Extensors, Ankle Plantar-flexors, Ankle Dorsi-flexors

Week 5: Application/take a break week. Practice and review

Week 6: Scapula Muscles, Shoulder Muscles

Week 7: Rotator Cuff, Elbow Flexors, Elbow Extensors

Week 8: Abdominals, Erector Spinae, Breathing (rib) muscles


After your purchase of this course, NFPT will verify your registration information and then send you an email confirmation and instructions for accessing all course material and the test through your personal NFPT online account (this can take up to 24 business hours. However, your receipt of purchase will be sent immediately). When you pass the test, you are instantly awarded your certificate of completion for printing and display. If you are an NFPT Certified Personal Trainer, your continuing education credits (CECs) automatically post to your account.


Meet the Author

Bev HosfordBeverly Hosford holds a Masters Degree in Kinesiology. She has been teaching anatomy and coaching fitness professionals for over 10 years, and serving the fitness industry for more than 15 years. She is a writer and subject matter expert for IDEA Health and Fitness Association, American Council on Exercise and National Federation of Professional Trainers. Bev teaches and presents at conventions around the country. Her mission is to support the preventative portion of the healthcare industry by educating and empowering fitness professionals and healthcare providers. If you have questions about this course or need education support assistance after you have enrolled to this course, email Bev at [email protected]

Jackie Cork, CPT says“Bev is one of the most well versed, enthusiastic, and genuinely caring individuals I’ve met in her practice. She know’s what she’s talking about, knows how to spread her know-how, and loves to do so. Bev made me decide to follow the career path I am following.”