Certification Exam Voucher. (Test-Out Option. Prep Materials Not Included)

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Certification Exam Voucher. (Test-Out Option. Prep Materials Not Included)



This is the NFPT – CPT exam voucher only, it is a ‘test-out’ enrollment option. With your purchase, you receive the detailed exam content outline and CPT Exam sitting. Education materials and additional exam prep resources are not included in this enrollment option (but may be added later).

Earn your CPT title and put it to work for you, immediately!

Complete the form and ADD TO CART to enroll.
  • *must be 18 yrs of age


EXAM VOUCHER take the personal trainer certification exam anytime within 1 year
EXAM CONTENT OUTLINE detailed outline of exam subjects
NFPT-CPT TITLE and CERTIFICATE upon successful completion of the CPT exam
MEMBERSHIP CARD for easy access to show clients and employers


Familiarization with Human Anatomy

Understanding Principles of Human Physiology

Applying the 5 Fitness Components

Ability to Develop, Implement and Modify Exercise Training Programs

Recognizing Professional and Communication Skills


Upon purchase, check your email for enrollment approval and instructions for accessing your NFPT account. Included in this email is your NFPT ID# for registering your account and accessing your exam related material and appointment scheduling portal.

When you feel ready to schedule your exam, log in to your NFPT account and choose a day and time that is good for you to test. You receive your exam results the same day that you take it!

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