Certification Exam Voucher. (Test-Out Option. Prep Materials Not Included)

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Certification Exam Voucher. (Test-Out Option. Prep Materials Not Included)


This is the NFPT – CPT exam voucher only. The exam voucher comes with the Standard and Premier Certification package. With this option, you are only purchasing the opportunity to take the NFPT-CPT exam, without the exam prep resources. This is a ‘test-out’ option. The only resource provided with this exam voucher is the detailed exam content outline, which acts as a checklist for you to familiarize yourself with exam subjects.

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Take the NFPT certification exam any time that you are ready, within one year from enrollment. After you successfully complete your certification exam, you earn a NFPT-CPT title, NFPT Certified Personal Trainer. You can put this credential to work for you, immediately!

Upon your purchase of the NFPT Exam Voucher, you will receive instructions for accessing your NFPT account. Inside your NFPT account, you have access to the exam content outline and the exam scheduling center. When you feel ready to schedule your exam, simply log in to your NFPT account and choose a day and time that is good for you to test. You receive your test results the same day that you take it!

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