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Master Fitness Trainer Course


These NFPT specialty courses offer advanced working knowledge of the respective subject matter, expanding your scope of practice and your trainer resume! Specialty course certificates will provide more credibility to your knowledge of these advanced level concepts. Whether your motivation for obtaining a specialty level credential is CEC maintenance or adding to your resume, each certificate acts as additional recognition that goes beyond the necessary foundational CPT credential. Personal Trainers, who seek professional development and additional ways to obtain serious continuing education, will consider the NFPT Master Fitness Trainer course for enhancing credibility and marketability in the fitness training profession.

Completion of all three (3) advanced specialty courses (in Nutrition, Endurance and Resistance) will qualify you for the esteemed NFPT Master Fitness Trainer certificate. You will receive certificates for each of the completed Specialty courses, and once you have completed all 3 you receive the NFPT Master Fitness Trainer certificate!

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Est. Prep/Completion Time = 30-40 hours total (all 3 courses)

NFPT CEC Award = 6.0 Total (2.0 per course completed)



This Master Fitness Trainer program is independent of the NFPT Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) course and credential.

Requirement for this NFPT credential = A current Certified Personal Trainer credential, from NFPT or other reputable source, before acquiring your NFPT Master Fitness Trainer certificate. AFTER you have completed the 3rd and final specialty test, we will directly verify your CPT credential with you before we issue your Master Fitness Trainer certificate.

Save $200 with the Master Trainer Program (includes all 3 NFPT Specialty Course titles at a substantial purchasing discount)!

What You Get

3 Advanced Fitness Courses

3 Education Manuals
digital downloads

 Practice Tests (3)
Online Tests (3)
Education Tech Support
Certificates of Completion (3)
NFPT Master Fitness Trainer Certificate
2.0 CECs per Course

6.0 CECs Total

*hardcopies of these course books are available for purchase during checkout


Enrolling to this Master Trainer course is the same as enrolling to all 3 of the specialty courses (Nutrition, Resistance and Endurance), but with this enrollment option you get a discount, and a NFPT Master Trainer certificate after you pass all 3 tests. Upon enrollment, you receive an email confirmation and instructions for accessing all course material through your NFPT online account. When you pass each test, you will be instantly awarded your respective Specialty Certificate for printing and display. Upon successful completion of your third and final test for the NFPT Master Fitness Trainer certificate, we will verify that you are currently certified as a personal trainer, by NFPT or other reputable organization, prior to mailing your certificate (this is the only requirement for receiving your Master Fitness Trainer certificate). As a NFPT certified trainer, you will be awarded 2.0 CECs each time that you pass one of these three specialty tests (for a total award of 6.0 CECs).

These Advanced Certificate courses, included in this NFPT Master Trainer course, may also be purchased separately:

Fitness Nutrition Specialist

Resistance Training

Endurance Training