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Certification add-on price, includes Workshop AND Premier Certification Package

Workshop Date & Location Options

April 21-22 2018 Anaheim Hills, CA 92807
April 28-29 2018 Atlanta, GA 30338
May 5-6 2018 Tampa, FL 33609
May 19-20 2018 Stratford, CT 06614
June 2-3 2018 Chicago, IL 60160
June 9-10 2018 Royal Oak, MI 48067
June 16-17 2018 Philadelphia, PA 19004
June 16-17 2018 San Fransisco, CA 94538
June 23-24 2018 Seattle, WA 98032
June 23-24 2018 Atlanta, GA 30338
July 14-15 2018 Long Island, NY 11042
July 28-29 2018 Cincinnati, OH 45209

*workshop events typically run from 1:00pm – 8:00pm local time (w/breaks), Saturday & Sunday. Location, time and agenda details are emailed to you upon enrollment

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Personal Trainer Workshop in a gym setting




Whether you are already certified or just getting started, this workshop will enhance your skill and support your professional development.

First, we’ll be sure that you understand the basic principles of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics, various training methods, nutrition and general wellness concepts. Then, we’ll cover the safe and effective methods for assessing clients and how to achieve positive change through the right kind of goal-oriented fitness program.

About half of our teaching is classroom setting, and the other half is putting the concepts to practice in a hands-on way. After the workshop, you can sit for the exam at your convenience and get CERTIFIED!

Find a workshop location close to you or plan a ‘work-cation’ around a workshop date in an area that you want to visit.

If you choose to add the Certification Package option to your workshop, you will receive all NFPT prep material to get yourself ready for the workshop and the certification exam. Here’s what you get when you enroll…

Workshop + Certification Package Includes

Instruction: 2 full days of personal instruction and demonstration
Trainer Manual: hard copy & digital download
Workshop Resources: workshop study guide and presentation slides
Client Assessment Tools: quick reference guide & client tracker forms
Professional Reference Kit: tape measure, skin-fold caliper, organizational folder and ink pen
Online Learning: chapter by chapter quizzes to test your knowledge
Practice Tests (2): 100 sample test questions before you take the test
Exercise Animations: over 80 demos involving every major muscle group
Client Assessment Videos: 45+ assessment video demonstrations (for clients: General Fitness, Older Adults, and Athletes)
On-going Expert Support: even after the workshop, get free phone consultation by appointment with your instructor or other expert trainer
Exam Voucher: test anytime within 1 year of your enrollment

Some of the Topics Covered:

Basic Human Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics

  • Understanding muscle tissue types and muscle fiber
  • Review of planes of motion
  • Understanding cellular adaptations to imposed demands
  • Anatomy of the heart, digestive system and respiratory system

Performance, Participation, and Understanding of:

  • Blood pressure testing
  • Sit and reach test
  • Body composition assessment (Bio-Impedance / Caliper)
  • Interpret and prescribe cardiovascular prescriptions based on Karvonen Formula
  • Performance of 3-minute step test with result interpretation
  • Perform strength test based on percentage with a: 10 rep max, 10 rep sub-maximal Chest Press, 10 rep sub-maximal Leg Press, 10 rep sub-maximal Pull Down
  • Perform muscle endurance assessments with result interpretation
  • One minute sit-up test
  • Pull ups (men) or modified Pull up (women)
  • Push ups (men) or modified push ups (women)
  • Active demonstrations of the 17 NFPT recommended base exercises with proper spotting techniques
  • Active demonstrations of the 16 NFPT recommended base stretches

Energy systems, ATP production, and related training methods

Stretching techniques and applying them correctly

Wellness and Nutrition

Legal and Professional Practices

You will learn and review the fundamentals of exercise science and real-world methodologies that will enhance the success of yourself and your clients!

CPRWorkshops are Friday & Saturday. On Sunday, join us for a CPR/AED Certification class. You get a video to prep for class beforehand; then, come on Sunday for a 2 hours of hands-on instruction and certification from the American Health and Safety Institute. Leave the workshop with your CPR/AED certificate. As a trainer, you need to be CPR/AED certified and prepared in an emergency situation.


NFPT partners with Global Fitness Educators to bring hands-on instruction to you. GFE is an independent workshop vendor preparing future NFPT-CPT certificants for success in the workplace. Click here for more information about how you prepare, what to expect and NFPT policies for workshops.

Felix Doval - Workshop DirectorYou’ll leave this workshop with better working knowledge of the skills that you need to be an effective personal trainer, and the confidence to build a career on the skills that you learn! Let our expert trainers show you how to put your passion to work!” –Felix Doval, NFPT Workshop Host and Founder of Global Fitness Educators

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