CPT Exam Date Extension


When your certification application is initially approved, you are given one (1) year to successfully complete your NFPT-CPT exam. However, we understand that things come up which may impact your ability to complete the exam in the amount of time that you desire, or that is required of the program. This late fee allows us to provide a grace period for a test candidate whose eligibility period is no more than 60 days expired (i.e. your test due date is no more than 60 days past), then payment of this exam extension fee will give you additional time to complete your NFPT-CPT exam. Upon payment of this late fee, you will receive a 60 day extension past your original expiration date/test due date.

When we receive your late fee payment, we will notify you of your new exam due date. Test Candidates that are more than 60 days past their expiration date/test due date must reapply to the program.

Contact us at 800-729-6378 with questions.

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