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  • Personal Trainer Manual: a comprehensive guide to personal training in PDF, digital, format. CLICK HERE FOR HARDCOPY.
  • Study Workbook: a downloadable PDF that accompanies the trainer manual, broken up by chapters with summary questions for testing your knowledge of the subject matter.
  • Online Learning Quizzes: online quiz version of the study workbook in a lock-step self-assessment to test your knowledge chapter by chapter (each new chapter unlocks when you pass the previous chapter quizzes).


This Standard Certification Package Upgrade adds all of the education materials provided with the Standard Package to your account. These additional resources include:

  • Personal Fitness Trainer Manual (Digital PDF)
  • Study Workbook (Digital PDF)
  • Online Learning Quizzes


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Download a preview of the Trainer Manual

Download a preview of our Trainer Certification Manual

See how the NFPT Personal Fitness Trainer Manual will prepare you for success with a free look inside.