If you were busy this lovely month of May and didn’t catch all of our blogs, here’s what you missed! Get cardio-creative to work around an injury or a client who hates running; learn all the ways the dynamic deltoid can move the humerus (there are many ways); coach your clients to learn a pull-up with programmed regressions; get the skinny on women’s competition prep dieting; and ditch these five fitness phrases that might be sending the wrong message.


BattleropesCardio exercises for the Non-Runner or Injured Client

We’ve all had a client who complains about running and maybe even a client who is injured below the waist, but still wants an aerobic challenge.  Alex Clearwater is one of those people who loves running but sprained her ankle, so she came up with a slew of great ideas to keep her heart pumping that didn’t involve her feet pounding a pavement. There’s more to explore than cardio machines, folks!


Deltoid Muscle Sideview

Understanding and Training the Deltoids

There’s a lot more to know about the deltoid muscle than you might think! Sure, everyone knows it has three heads. But do you know which one of those heads is most active during abduction if the shoulder is externally rotated? Hmmm….take a peek and find out!



Barbell Pullup

How to Program Regressions Exercises to Learn Pull-ups 

Are you tired of hearing about pull-ups yet? Because I’m almost tired of writing about them! Don’t worry, this blog series has come to a rest and you can read the round-up of all nine if you like, starting from shoulder mobility assessments through corrective exercise to prepare the shoulder for ideal form.

Or you can just skip right to the regression exercises that will have your client doing an uassisted pull-up in no time.



Cathleen Kronemer

Competitive Nutrition for Women’s Figure, Physique, and Bodybuilding

If you have been as fascinated as I am by the discipline that goes into bodybuilding competitions, you may also have been curious about how exactly these tough athletes lean down to get up on stage. Cathleen Kronemer is writing from experience on this one, having competed in 12 shows herself! She breaks down the timing and nuance of what it takes to prep for a stage competition.



No Pain No Gain

Five Fitness Phrases That Need To Go

We’ve all heard the phrases uttered at some point, and occassionally, maybe, have even said them to our clients. Erin Nitschke gives us some food for thought, as these five phrases like, “No pain, no gain,”  don’t do much to support healthy habits that we want to instill in our clients.